"The boogie that be"—Silly Dads Sound Off!

Any other silly fathers out there besides me? I bet there are plenty. What funny, silly, ridiculous, self-abasing things do you do to make your kids laugh?

Me? Oh mercy! More than I can mention here, but the picture to the right shows my two youngest dancing in my office as they are being introduced to "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Gang (listen below) by their father (me) who still knows all the words to the oldest of the old school rappers (Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, etc). Fortunately, there are no pictures of my dancing... except for the memories of it in their mind which is just the very picture I want them to have.

A few weeks ago I full out sang some Grandmaster Flash to my 14-year-old daughter—I remember it word for word from way back in 7th grade when it was THE cutting edge. I think she was traumatized, but man was it worth it! I'm sure she told her friends of the horror and I'll never forget the look of mingled amazement (that I actually knew all those words) and disgust (that her 41-year-old hefty white fatherwas rapping!). Well, she may need some therapy, but hey, I've got to look out for my profession and make sure that my colleagues of the future have plenty of clients...

Any other silly fathers out there besides me? Let's hear the lengths you go to get a laugh from your mini minions...

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