Make Angry or Happy Cookies... They taste the same


An AWESOME client just made me this custom T-shirt based on what I said in a conversation we had in couples counseling. I love this so much! :-) Thanks man! The idea is simply that too often we base our behaviors on our emotions: so if we feel loving to our partner we act loving, but if we feel upset we act upset. And while that makes sense, it also makes for  relationships that are only as stable as our emotions... which means not very. Instead, in The GREAT Relationship Work we learn how to CREATE truly great relationships using the right ingredients, in the right amounts, and in the right order like a recipe. Because like this T-shirt says, "Make Angry Cookies or Happy Cookies... They still taste the same." No one knows how you felt when you made the cookies; when they are made correctly the outcome is tastiness. And while our feelings DO matter, they shouldn't be the thing that decides our actions, nor become excuses and justifications for poor behavior.

So bake up some tasty relationship GREATness!