Who's Jonathan?

Jonathan D. Sherman, LMFT is a Relationship Strategist (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist) and sought after Speaker specializing in creating "GREATness in Relationships!" He is experienced in training people how to improve their marriages, their parenting and themselves through skill development, family and parent coaching, overcoming depression and anxiety, stress and anger management, and addiction recovery. Thus, his three areas of focus with his clients are 1. Transforming Marriages, 2. Training Parents, and 3. Self-Mastery. He teaches extensively on a wide range of relationship topics.

His received his undergraduate training in Family Sciences at Brigham Young University and his graduate training in Marriage and Family Therapy at Northern Illinois University.

He was the Youth Substance Abuse Coordinator for Valley Mental Health and the Director of Training for PeopleSmarts. He is currently in private practice and works with clients all over the world. For 25 years he has trained micro organizations, such as marriages and families, and macro organizations, such as corporations and government agencies, how to communicate, resolve conflict, develop emotional intelligence, and improve their relationships at work and at home.

He is married to a skilled husband trainer who has truly earned her keep. They live in eternal bliss (okay, fairly peaceably) with their four children in American Fork, UT. You may reach him at MarriageEnvy.com.

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Why GREAT Relationships?

Okay gang. Here's the low down: Everyone WANTS a great relationship—a happy marriage, a loving and profound connection with their children, an enjoyable workplace—but the reality is most people are doing just that: Wanting. And from that wanting their relationships are left wanting (e.g., lacking).

Instead of actually engaging in the work of creation, most people are hoping, wishing, and waiting for the great relationship they want. Then when it doesn't come or "just happen" they turn that wanting into criticism, complaints, contempt and resentment, which, in turn, guarantees that GREATness in their relationships will continue to elude them.

Bottom line: Relationships will no longer tolerate sloppiness. The supports just aren't there anymore for poor relationships to be held together regardless of whether they "should" or not.

So how do we create GREATness in our relationships? The same way we create anything else in this life: Study the masters; learn the best practices; practice, practice, practice; integrate; take action; and maintain a willingness to change course, modify strategies, and dump approaches that just aren't working.

In all of this creation of GREATness the only part that "wanting" plays is the initial creation of the vision and the ongoing motivation to do the requisite work towards that vision's goals. In other words, the work of GREATness is summed up as follows:

"Knowing is not enough, you must apply; willing is not enough, you must do." —Bruce Lee

So where do we go to study the masters and learn the best practices? Start here: At MarriageEnvy.com you will find:

  • Relationship strategist Jonathan Sherman's services, workshops, resources and free articles all designed towards GREATness creation;

  • The GREAT Relationships eZine

  • The GREAT Relationship Masters Project which gives models of GREAT relationships that we can study and learn from. Too many people have no clue what a GREAT relationship actually looks like up close and personal. Well here they are. Study and emulate those who've mastered the path of GREATness.

  • Valentine's All Year (VAY)is "A glimpse into one man's ongoing love affair with his wife." Every entry contains personal examples as well as a corresponding and specific GREAT Relationship Principle applicable to all relationships who aspire to GREATness. VAY includes these two daily and weekly blogs:

    • The 52 Love Songs Project

    • The 365 Love Quotes Project

    • And a whole lot more.

The good news is that "not knowing" how to create a GREAT relationship is no longer an excuse. The hackneyed excuse of "my marriage/child didn't come with an owner's manual" no longer flies. The knowledge and practices are available. The coaching and support exists to integrate the learning.

Now is the time for GREATness. GREATness does not come to those who wait. It never "comes." It is created and re-created daily. Create it!

I look forward to working with you.