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What is the date you are attending?
What is the date you are attending?

Hi. My name is Jonathan Sherman, LMFT. I am a Relationship Strategist (licensed marriage and family therapist), leadership trainer, and speaker. I am looking forward to sharing some powerful communication tools, team-building strategies and emotional intelligence (EQ) mindsets to help take some of the stress out of life, work, and relationships.

Let me give you a quick run down of who I am and why I'm having you do this brief survey:

I specialize in four main areas: 1. Marriage Mastery; 2. Parent Training; 3. Self-Mastery; and 4. Leadership Development and Team-Building. I work with clients all over the country and internationally via video conferencing, phone sessions and speaking engagements as well as locally in my office in American Fork, UT. My clinical background is diverse: I was the former Youth Substance Abuse Coordinator for Valley Mental Health-Summit and I have worked with youth and adults in the mental health, addiction, domestic violence, child abuse and forensic populations for over 20 years in a variety of therapeutic settings. I also provide consultation and training for corporations which allows me to take those clinical and relational skills in the form of EQ (emotional intelligence) to a broader audience in organizations and companies across the country. In short, I work with clients on the homefront and in the workplace who want to create truly GREAT relationships. Period. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Rather than a "canned' presentation, I always prefer to make each presentation relevant to those specific people in attendance. Thus, please take a few moments to answer the following questions in this simple form.  Your answers may be given anonymously or you may attach your name at the end. While I may not be able to address them all due to time constraints they will help me craft a more tailored and interesting presentation to those attending.

The results of this brief pre-workshop survey will only be seen by me. I may compile a summary of the results to share general themes with those in the workshop, however, any/all identifying information or situations will be deleted or altered to reflect a neutral statement generalized to the whole, thus you may feel free to be as candid as you like.

Thank you for taking a moment to provide your ideas, insights, concerns and feedback. Your input makes all the difference in ensuring that we all get the most out of our time together.


Jonathan D. Sherman, LMFT
Relationship Strategist | Speaker
"The GREAT Relationship You've Always Wanted"