Jonathan is the most prolific speaker I've ever met. How can one person know so much about so much? His synthesis of theory and research, practical information, laugh out loud humor and ancient wisdom all combine in a way that is fun and relatable. He's amazing. All I can say is get him in front of your group now!" —James Delany, Ph.D., husband and father

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Marriage Mastery


The following events can be booked anytime:

Communication: The DEEP Listening Solution
"We don't communicate" is the most common concern that couples bring to me. The truth is: You cannot not communicate. Everything we do or don't do communicates something. What they mean, of course, is, "We don't communicate well, positively or effectively." Too often people are taught only surface communication skills (ie., "I" statements) that don't ever seem to actually work nor do they get to the CORE of the issue. This communication training by-passes the typical cliched communication skills by focusing on THE communication skill that is rarely taught: DEEP Listening.

Speaking Manglish & Womanese: Bridging the Gender Gap
We were raised in the same culture speaking the same language, right? Nope. While men and women are indeed from the same planet they experience the same world as distinctly different as if they came from their own unique cultures and spoke their own nuanced and complex languages.In this fun, upbeat, informative, and research-based approach Jonathan Sherman, LMFT, licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship strategist teaches you and your partner how to understand and use men's and women's differences as benefits vs. deficits. FULL DETAILS >>

Marriage Prep: The “OUR WAY” Marriage Plan

Prepare for Your Marriage, Not Just Your Wedding. "Happily Ever After" is great, but what about the 10-year follow-up study? How do we make a great thing last, especially in the face of daunting divorce statistics? Learn effective ways of making the marriage you're going into the one you dream it will be.

This workshop is held three times a year: In January, April and August

Building Strong Families with "ACCCTS"
Learn the six foundational behaviors of strong marriages and families and how to build on the strengths your family already possesses. This fun, upbeat, informative, and research-based approach Jonathan Sherman, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship coach teaches the guiding principles and practical techniques for the six most common traits of strong, resilient families and marriages: Appreciation and Affection, Commitment, Creative Coping and Problem Solving, Time Together and Spiritual Wellness.

Creating Your GREAT Relationship Brand: How Sound Business and Marketing Principles Can Strengthen Your Marriage and Family
If everyone wants a GREAT relationship, why isn’t everyone getting one? Are they really that hard to come by? If so, do they need to be? There must be a better way... and there is. Come learn the strategies for creating a truly great, lasting and powerful relationship. This fun, upbeat and informative presentation looks at relationships from a very unique angle: the business and marketing world. The mindsets and skills learned in this workshop apply to marriage, parenting and even at work.

The "Our Way" Marriage Plan: 10 Steps to Reducing Conflict and Increasing Harmony
You wouldn't try to build a house without carefully thought-out and skillfully drawn-up blueprints. You wouldn't try to run a major business without a thorough business or marketing plan. Your football team wouldn't try to take State without a well-practiced playbook. Yet, in our marriages the basic plan is "If we love each other enough it will just work out." That's nice thought. That isn't a plan, folks. Thus the high conflict and failure rates in marriage.

Husband Training 101
Darn those stubborn husbands! If only there were a tried and true method for getting husbands to behave! Okay, men aren't dogs (really, we're not!) and it's not your job to "fix" us. However, there are many things that you can do to enhance your influence with your husband to get more of what you want from your husband and from your marriage. This workshop is taught by Jonathan Sherman, LMFT a licensed marriage and family therapist as well as a fully trained husband who's still on his best behavior! (Good boy!)We'll discuss basic training methods and show you how to get results where there haven't been results before. As any good dog or horse trainer will tell you the bulk of the training is in training the trainer to interact more effectively with the one being trained. Women tend to be the relationship managers in most marriages. This doesn't mean their husbands are less responsible to do their part, it just means they are often less aware. Husbands do want to be able to please their wives, but quite frankly they don't know how. Further, their wives rarely know how to effectively motivate them to willingly do what the wife would like them to do. Any of this sound familiar? Then this workshop is for you.

Relationship Fitness Check-Up
Give the gift of a healthy relationship this Valentine's season! For anything to run well—cars, our bodies, and especially our relationships—we need to make sure they get regular check-ups and the ongoing maintenance they need.

The Life-Long Marriage: Advice from the Real Experts
We can talk about it all we want—but here are the ones who have done it! A panel of elder couples in our community who have weathered 40+ years of marriage and made it work share their wisdom and humor about the committed marriage. The lessons they have to share are priceless.

Men, Relationships & Emotions
We all know that men and women deal with emotions, relationships and a lot of other things very differently. In this workshop we look at the often ignored and misunderstood aspects of men, how they relate and how important emotions are to men and women. We also discuss practical ways to integrate this information into our daily lives.

Making a Good Marriage Great!
Anything valuable requires ongoing investing and reinvesting to maintain and improve its value. Our marriages are no different. Learn how to not only keep the good thing you've got from wearing out, but also how to make it even better.

Valentine's All Year Mini-Retreat
Learn how to make romance fun, easy and practical throughout the entire year.

Empty Nesters: Skills for the Second-half of Marriage
In the second half of marriage, couples often need to to reinvent their marriage, to make mid-course adjustments, and to reconnect with one another in a more meaningful way. This workshop addresses eight challenges couples at this stage face and the methods to overcome them.Finding Contentment: What Do We Do As Empty Nesters? Ahhh... the kids have flown the coop and we now have the house and ourselves to each other.... Was that a "Yikes!" or a "Yay!" I heard? Come learn how the wonderful opportunities and unique challenges of the second half of marriage can be met with wisdom and skill.


Parent Training

The following events can be booked anytime:

Animal Training for Humans: How to Use Dog, Horse and Dolphin Training Techniques in Your Parenting!
Jonathan Sherman, LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who specializes in training parents how to effectively discipline their children while building a closer relationship as a family at the same time. This fun and highly practical workshop uses the principles of behavior modification from both the human and animal kingdoms that Jonathan has been using for over 20 years in his practice with youth and their parents. You’ll never look at parenting the same way again.


Parenting Tips from the Trenches Parent Training Course

Parenting with Love and Logic
There's a lot of advice out there on how to raise your kids. As family therapists and family life educators we read and keep up on the latest and best parenting information in the field. Love and Logic is our personal favorite. It is practical, pretty easy to learn and really effective!

Parenting Teens with Love & Logic
Parenting teens can seem about as easy as nailing Jell-O to the wall! But believe it or not there are some approaches that work better than others—better for both the teen and for the parents! So come and learn some practical approaches to add to your parenting toolkit.

How to Talk to Teens About the Tough Stuff
The tough stuff (“sex, drugs and rock and roll” as well as media, porn and peers) can be hard for parents to talk about and for teens to open up about with their parents and/or the responsible adults in their lives. Too often topics about parenting teens centers on discipline and consequences. However, one of the most effective ways to help teens prevent or overcome problems is... (continue reading...)

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 3.31.17 PM.png

Parenting with LCD: Raising Resilient Children as a Community of Faith

StepFamily Success: Secrets for Building a Less Contentious, More Harmonious StepFamily
Step-families are normal but they face many challenges that are unique. By learning skills to deal with these differences step-families increase their chances for success. Learn tips, ideas and principles that can help you create a strong family with confidence.

Divorce Transitions
Divorce is difficult for everyone: you, your children, your family, your friends. There are so many old and new issues to deal with: conflict, grief, co-parenting, dating again, step-families and on and on. Knowledge truly is power. Come and learn some guiding principles that have helped thousands better navigate these difficult times. Divorce is hard enough as it is. Don't go it alone.

Successful Second Marriages: How to Really Live Happily Ever After
Beat the odds. Second marriages have a higher divorce rate than first marriages, but that's in large part because people don't learn the key dynamics unique to second marriages than can make or break the deal. This workshop will prepare you to make this one not only stick, but make it worth sticking.


Internet Safety: Keep Your Kids Safe Online
The Internet is fantastic for kids... and dangerous, too. In this workshop you will learn:

  • Online safety guidelines for parents

  • Basic rules of online safety for teens

  • Kid's rules for online safety

  • How to tell when children spend too much time on the computer

  • How to know what your children are doing online

  • How to set and enforce your rules and limits.

  • Family and Kids Contracts for Online Safety


Alternative Solutions to Managing ADHD
Balanced alternative solutions besides medication to managing ADHD, including lifestyle, skill development, health and wellness and more. All strategies are practical and doable. This is a fun, upbeat and informative workshop. “Jonathan’s Attention Dynamic Skills Grab-Bag” is included with 125 tips and strategies in five headings: Mind, Body, Mood, Structure, Social.



Families & Spiritual Wellness
An interfaith panel offer their insights and answer questions regarding developing spiritually through our families and our families through our spirituality.

Busting Holiday Stress
(Formerly called "The Holidays & Family Togetherness: Rockwell Dream or Griswald Nightmare?")
Ahhh. The holidays! The best time of the year . . . and the most stressful. Why is that? Well, family is one reason. As much as we love them they sure can push our buttons . . . . Just tink of all those personalities in one room. Oh boy! Come learn some time-tested and some innovative strategies for effectively dealing with the stresses of family togetherness over the holidays. We will discuss and share skills for dealing with Stress, Expectations, Anger, Conflict, In-laws, etc. so you can make this holiday season the most enjoyable in years. Give yourself the best gift this year—peace.


Body Language: What You Need to Know About Non-verbal Communication
Most of our communication (a whopping 93%!) is nonverbal and yet we get very little training in this most important and influential aspect of relating to one another. Join Jonathan Sherman, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Relationship Strategist, and Speaker) in this fun, memorable and highly practical workshop where you will learn how to leverage the power of body language, tone, and other non-verbals in all of your relationships (professionally and personally) for the mutual benefit of you and those you influence. In this workshop you will learn: the power of joining (mimesis), the two levels of communication, how to craft your body language choices as carefully as you do your word choices, how intention trumps technique, stage presence, body language clustering, universals and gender differences, and much more.

TRUE You: Owning Self and Banishing Fear
Flee the comparison trap. Don't try to be a "new" or "better" you—simplify by learning how to just be more you the way you REALLY are. Learn how to shed the junk that never was you and how to be more authentically you. In this presentation you will learn what mindsets and behaviors will help you shed the junk that never was you and practical ways how to bring out more of the real you.

New Year, TRUE You
I often give this workshop at the beginning of each new year. Every year, you hear some show, article or product promising "New Year, New You." I despise that phrase because there's nothing wrong with the core of you, only the "junk" behaviors or mindsets you've picked up along the way. Instead I advocate: "New Year, TRUE You." Dump the junk that never was you and instead work at being MORE you, authentically YOU this year.

Stress-Busting: Mastering Stress, Anxiety and Other Strong Emotions

Mastering Anger: Anger Management Skills that Really Work

Solutions to Depression

Pornography: Problems and Solutions
Pornography has been aptly termed "the drug of the new millenium." This workshop delineates the scope of the problem but more importantly practical approaches and solutions to the problem that you can implement in your home, and in the lives of those you love and serve. This workshop is frequently hosted by church groups and is offered in a spiritually sensitive manner that incorporates spiritual principles as well as the best research and evidenced-based practices.
—[ Book Jonathan to offer this presentation to your group ]—

Professional Conferences & Clinical Trainings

Looking for a dynamic, entertaining, memorable and content-rich presenter for your conference keynote and/or breakout sessions? Jonathan is a sought-after speaker to behavioral health professionals on the following topics.

WORKING the System: Motivating and Strategizing with "Resistant" Teens to Achieve the Better Outcomes THEY Want
Systems, whether they be school, family or legal systems, can seem impossible for teens to successfully navigate. These systems can seem especially hard to figure out when teens feel their only options are comply or rebel—neither option being what they really want. Teaching teens how to strategically “work the system” empowers them to actually achieve the better goals they want: And they do want to succeed, many just don’t know how. The Working the System seminar teaches your people how to reach and teach the “unreachable” and “unteachable”.This seminar has been taught to health care professionals (doctors, nurses, aides), behavioral health professionals (psychologists, social workers, family therapists and counselors), Guardian ad Litem attorneys, CASA workers, teachers and parents.

Body Language: What You Need to Know About Non-Verbal CommunicationMost of our communication (a whopping 93%!) is nonverbal and yet we get very little training in this most important and influential aspect of relating to one another. Join Jonathan Sherman, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Relationship Strategist, and Speaker) in this fun, memorable and highly practical workshop where you will learn how to leverage the power of body language, tone, and other non-verbals in all of your relationships (professionally and personally) for the mutual benefit of you and those you influence. In this workshop you will learn: 

  • The power of joining (mimesis),

  • The two levels of communication,

  • How to craft your body language choices as carefully as you do your word choices,

  • How intention trumps technique,

  • Stage presence, body language clustering,

  • Universals and gender differences, and much more.

Smart Communication Skills for Building a Successful Workplace Culture
Learn The Four Culture Keys to help your team create a workplace culture they want to return to: one with high morale and low turnover. The Four Culture Keys help: 

  • Improve effective and assertive communication vs. passive aggressiveness,

  • Improved conflict resolution,

  • Increase respect vs. gossiping,

  • Improve team-building and disrupt cliques,

  • Improve morale and appreciation,

  • Motivate your team.

Mastering Stress & Other Strong Emotions: Cooling Burnout for Professionals
Whether you are seeking skills to cool professional burn-out, bring balance to your personal and family life, or to more effectively help your clients, this workshop is packed with real-life practical strategies you can begin using today. Come and learn the "Top Stress-Busting Tips from the Trenches" that Jonathan Sherman's clients around the country have used to "Transform stress into success!" Jonathan's Stress-Busters are based only in the best research- and evidence-based approaches combined with real life practical experience so that you walk away from this workshop with the strategies and mindsets that really work. In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the neuroscience and physiology of stress as the foundation for approaching stress management;

  • Learn powerful, in-the-moment techniques (including Jonathan's list of 299 "stress-busters"), that are easily taught to clients, for reducing stress and improving resilience in the “heat of the battle”;

  • Practice skills which help reduce the impact of stress and anxiety and improve overall well-being.

  • Learn how to identify, understand the core messages, and use the generally unknown positive aspects of anxiety, depression and anger.


  • I also provide relationship and parenting workshops that fit under the heading of work and family balance if your people are interested

  • I also love to craft new fun and engaging presentations based on event organizers needs. Is there a topic or skill set your people are wanting to learn?

I promise a fun, upbeat, informative, practical, memorable, no-snooze and no-fluff presentation experience for your attendees :-). 

Thriving in Private Practice

Guy-Friendly™ Therapy

Alternative Solutions to Managing ADHD
Balanced alternative solutions besides medication to managing ADHD, including lifestyle, skill development, health and wellness and more. All strategies are practical and doable. This is a fun, upbeat and informative workshop. “Jonathan’s Attention Dynamic Skills Grab-Bag” is included with 125 tips and strategies in five headings: Mind, Body, Mood, Structure, Social.

Building Strong Families: A Strength-based Family-Life Education Model
Through a wellness-based approach participants will learn the six most common traits of strong, resilient families: Appreciation, Commitment, Creative Coping and Problem Solving, Time Together and Spiritual Wellness. This fun, upbeat and informative research-based presentation has been presented to a wide-range of community groups, church groups, clinical (mental health and substance abuse) and professional populations. This presentation provides information and ideas that professionals can utilize in their own lives, with their clients and in the community. This workshop has been an effective means of combating the stigma of mental health by exposing community members to a licensed mental health professional in a non-threatening, upbeat milieu. 

Learning objectives: Through the demonstration and presentation of a community-based wellness workshop model participants will: 

  1. Learn the six most common traits of strong, resilient families with a brief introduction to the supporting research.

  2. Learn how to easily recall these traits as well as ways to practically apply them with clients.

  3. Gain suggestions for teaching these traits to client families and using them in their agencies (i.e., integrating into therapy, psychoeducation, group therapy, psychoeducational classes, etc.).

  4. Gain ideas for implementing these concepts in their own community (i.e., offering as a workshop as community outreach, prevention service, etc).

An Ounce of Prevention: Marketing Family Strengths by Taking Best Practices to the People
Learn how to develop your own Relationship Wellness Series to market your practice.

Too often we as clinicians wait for individuals and families to access therapy at the point of crisis. Via example of the presenter’s own Relationship Wellness Series™ (RWS) a model is presented for how individual practitioners and organizations can actively “get the word out” about developing good mental health through developing healthy relationships. The RWS is presented to the community as a valuable community service where useful, practical information is given in no-strings-attached stand-alone workshops. This model could be adapted well to various organizational and individual needs, skills and interests. This model has proved effective in achieving its three main objectives: 1. Provide a valuable community service as a way to “give back”, 2. Function as a means for developing “good will” marketing for practice development and 3. Reduce the barrier of stigma around mental health issues by exposing participants to a licensed mental health professional and/or organization in a non-threatening venue.


Learning objectives: Through the demonstration and presentation of a community-based workshop series participants will 

Learn how to implement similar programs in their own communities. 
Be exposed to several examples of sample workshops such as: “Building Strong Families,” “The Life-Long Marriage: Elder Couple Panel Discussion,” “Step-families, Strong Families,” “Stress-busting 101,” “Divorce Transitions,” “Making a Good Marriage Great,” and parenting workshops. 
Gain suggestions for developing, marketing and teaching their own wellness-based workshops in their own communities.

Working with Married Couples in Therapy
Not every therapist that works with couples fully understands the dynamics of couples work and as a result can inadvertently be working against their own and their client's goals. Unless you've been trained as a marriage and family therapist in graduate school or have had extensive post-graduate training in couples work, chances are there's a lot you and your couples are missing out on. Many of my clients have come to me simply because they've had ineffective counseling with previous therapists. Learn the Top 10 Strategies and Mindsets for effectively working with married couples in therapy.

All in the Family—Working with Families and Systems
Family Therapy Training and TechniquesA lot of therapists have reported to me that they love individual therapy but get intimidated by family therapy as it seems to chaotic. This workshop teaches you how to shift your mindset and approach so you can ride the seeming chaos and discover the fun and wisdom of family work.

Balance as Power
The only real power we can have with others is when we develop our own internal balance. This fun, interactive and experiential workshop is filled with practical strategies you can not only use in your own life but can easily integrate into working with youth and adult groups.

Mindfulness and Strong Emotion Mastery with Today's Teacher: Master Yoda

The Great Groups Grab Bag: The Top Ten Group Activities to Grab Participants Attention
Developed with Wade Milne, LCSW, of Logos Consulting. Together he and I are known to have a good time in group and to be effective in engaging court-ordered youth and adults into thoughtful discussions, silliness and laughter. These are the top ten (the amount that can be taught in a brief presentation) activities we've found to be most effective in engaging clients who tend to "resist" treatment. Also available:

The Great Groups Grab Bag Field Book: 101 Trench-Tested Activities to Grab Participants Attention

Child Development & Attachment Disorder: What's "Normal" and What's Not
If you work with kids then knowing what's "normal" and not can make ALL the difference. I have given this training several times to The State of Utah's Guardian ad Litem's and CASA's Office.

How Parental Discord Affects Children
This workshop is gleaned from teaching The State of Utah's Divorce Orientation and Shared Parenting Course for 11 years along with my years of specializing in divorce issues as a marriage and family therapist and working with hundreds of children and teens an therapy.

Motivational Interviewing

School Assemblies & Teacher Trainings

Be the Answer: Solutions to Bullying
Jonathan Sherman, LMFT, conducts school interventions and assemblies called "Be the Answer: Solutions to Bullying" based in the nonviolent resistance movements of Gandhi and MLK, Jr as well as current research-based approaches and is focused on rallying the numerous bystanders who too often just... well, stand by. Very powerful.  "Be the Answer" provides real solutions to the bullying problem. Based on the Olweus Bullying Prevention Project, TAB-S, and incorporating the teachings of Mohandas K. Gandhi and Martin Luther King,Jr. “Be the Answer: Solutions to Bullying” is a comprehensive, dynamic and systemic intervention program designed to integrate into your school’s existing policies. Further, "Be the Answer: Solutions to Bullying"provides practical approaches kids actually relate to and will use as it empowers them to stand up for themselves and others in Peacefully Powerful ways. "Be the Answer" is a perfect tie-in to Red Ribbon Week and curricula on MLK, Jr. Available as a stand-alone assembly or as a school-wide prevention and intervention program for students, faculty and parents. 

Teaching with Love and Logic
This fun, upbeat and highly effective workshop on Classroom Behavior Management incorporates the best of the Love and Logic model along with and the Top 20 Kids/Teens models Teaching with Love and Logic—Teacher Training Get better discipline with greater willingness. Period. If you are familiar with Parenting with Love and Logic, this utilizes the same core approach tailored to the needs of teachers in a classroom setting.Peaceful and powerful classroom management solutions utilizing the Teaching with Love and Logic and Top 20 Teaching models. Teachers love these models because they work and make their work easier and their teaching experience more pleasant. This translates into less burn-out, turn-over and greater morale. Perfect for in-services and teacher-training days.

Study SMARTER! Not Harder: Strategies for Effective Learning
Neuroscience-based learning strategies that get more smarts out of kids in less time. This assembly can ease your students frustration with studying in a way that both motivates and encourages their efforts. Great as an in-service for teachers as a “train the trainer” so teachers can teach their students these skills. Also, great as a parent night or school-wide assembly.

Solutions for Your Parents
Most parents are working hard and trying their best and feel they’ve “tried everything” and yet “nothing works!” Help your parents learn real-life parenting strategies that really work “in the trenches” with their everyday parenting dilemmas. We all know that kids who do better at home do better at school and that nothing helps kids do better than great parenting.

Parenting with Love and Logic

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Teens... and Parents

Corporations: GREAT Relationships at Work

Building Strong Teams | Building Strong Leaders
It's all relationships folks. It's only the words that change as we transition from family-life to work-life. Both realms are organizations of different people working as a system to produce various outcomes. At work it's money. At home it's happiness. At both, hopefully, it's also about creating meaning. The workplace requires strong leaders and strong teams that can cohesively work together to create incredible outcomes that build people in the process.

Stress Management for Managers

The Smart Art of Providing Superior Customer Service with Difficult People

Leadership Academy and Organizational Development
Jonathan partners with Five Degrees Consulting to provide state of the art management consulting based in emotional intelligence solutions that bring the latest and greatest of human technology to workplace to engage employees, solve communication problems and develop leaders.

Geocaching Team Session
Explore team dynamics and team-building via the world-wide treasure hunt called geocaching.

  • On-site in your local area or come explore geocaching in the Rocky Mountains of Utah

  • Urban or wilderness

  • A team-building initiative that you can easily continue as team when you get back and also introduce to and do with your partner and children. This reinforces the learning.

Clergy & Faith Group (i.e., churches, synagogues, etc) Trainings

Strengthening Marriage: Clergy Training

Pastoral Counseling and Professional Therapy: A Spiritual Collaboration for Change
Clergy typically are the first responders to their parishioners' needs. Learning how and when to refer to professional therapists, and how therapists must understand and respect the spiritual boundaries between clergy and their flock, helps create a valuable partnership for spiritual, emotional and relational healing

Sexual Abuse: Understanding, Responding, Preventing

Pornography: Problems and Solutions

Building Strong Marriages | Building Strong Families: Marriage Weekend

Any of the other topics listed above that are relevant and/or of interest to your group.

Custom Topics
Jonathan's expertise, background and training provides him with a broad range of experience from which to draw from. As such, he is able to develop custom topics to suit the training needs of your group. Just contact him at for details.

Get the Remote Learning Package For those who can't attend or live elsewhere, contact me about purchasing a Remote Learning Package which includes:

  • A full mp3 audio of the presentation,

  • A full written transcript.

  • All handout and resource materials.


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