The Marriage Mastery Group

The Marriage Mastery Group is an ongoing group that combines support, education, coaching and accountability to its members. All are welcome and you can join at any time. Each group follows this format:

  • Sharing of successes from the previous week;
  • Presentation of new skills (ie., mini-workshops of many of the seminars below such as The Our Way Plan, Building Strong Families with ACCCTS, The GREAT Relationship Brand, Deep Listening Skills, Fair Fighting Rules and the 6-Step Time-Out Process that Really Works, and more);
  • Group brainstorm for members seeking solutions;
  • Individual assignments self-assigned to report back to group the following session.

This group meets every other week and is the perfect compliment to The Parenting Mastery Group that many people take concurrently as they run on alternating weeks from one another. 

Great Date Nights This unique and fun date night combines a cooking class and mini-relationship workshop all in one. Held in The Blue Lemon's kitchen classroom by one of their superb chefs with the workshop presented by Jonathan Sherman, LMFT, Relationship Strategist. Register here.