"Attract the Best" Singles Seminar

“There aren't any good men/women out there.”

This is a frequent lament I hear, yet every day I work with amazing people who are preparing themselves well by working hard to be the best person they can be—thus I have to disagree. They are not only “out there” they are in my office every day figuring out how to attract the best and finding the great, stable and healthy ones who ARE out there. Now, of course, I know that the typical dating pool is more a stinky, boggy quagmire than a sparkling clean pool. The question isn't "Are there any good guys/women out there?" The question is, "What do I need to know and do to attract the best?"

Just because you’re  not in a relationship or “only” dating and not ready for marriage yet, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be getting ready now. As I tell my clients, the time for practice is not during the game—the time for practice is WAY before the game begins.

This seminar is designed for those who are single not in a relationship or dating and exploring relationships. Whether you've never been married or if you have been divorced and want to prevent having the same marriage again with a different person.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The Mechanics of Attraction: How to attract the best and repel the rest;
    • Yes, the good ones ARE out there;
    • About the "Secret Dating Pool" no one ever tells you about and how to find it;
    • Self-work: The Truth vs. The Lie
    • Bye-bye "Should"
  • The Mechanics of Creation: "Great relationships don't 'just happen.' They are created."
    • The 5 Cs of Relation Creation;
    • The Trust Equation;
    • The Intimacy Equation;
  • Boundaries: High Standards DO Scare Off Potential Mates—The Scary Ones
    • Healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics: What to run towards and what to run screaming from;
    • How to develop and stick to clear boundaries that attract the best and repel the worst;
    • How to use the "Will/Won't List";
    • How to identify and use the "Red Flags/Green Flags List";
  • Busting Common Relationship Myths: "If he really loved me..."
    • Chemistry and Soulmate Mythologies;
    • The Gender Gap: Men and women are naturally incompatible
  • Getting Past the Gender Gap: How to Honor Gender Diversity as Actual Culture:
    • Getting beyond lip-service of "I respect your opinion, but..."
    • Learning Manglish and Womanese
  • Key Dating Do's and Don'ts
    • Oxytocin: Why otherwise intelligent people act completely stupid in relationships and how to Be Relationship Smart.
    • Healthy time lines for dating/courtship;
    • Why pre-marital and early-marital counseling is a no-brainer must;
  • Content subject to change depending on group dynamics, my personal whims ;-) and time constraints (ie., a 90 minute keynote or a full-day seminar)