Finally Politicians I Can Get Behind! 5 Funny Campaign Ads


I'm very much a moderate, which is super beneficial as a marriage and family therapist where being able to see both sides is a great asset. However, politically, being a moderate drives me nuts as there's never a candidate in a polarized bi-partisan system that appeals fully to me. Ah well. However, there are a few (fictional) politicians I've found that I can get behind—not necessarily for their politics but just for their sheer honesty. So if you, like me, need a breath of fresh air amidst the political circus here are five funny campaign ads to give you a chuckle...

1. Clint Webb

From show The Whitest Kids You Know (WKUK) comes the following bit of brilliance:  


2. Gil Fulbright


3. Bender

If you're a fan of Futurama this will make sense. If not, move along citizen. 


4. Floyd Nimrod

I made this campaign sign for our front yard based on comedian Brian Regan's bit on politicians below:


5. Wyatt Scott

This is actually a real campaign ad with an actual politician! Have no idea how sound his politics are for parliament one way or another, but with an ad like this...