"How do you do therapy?" Give a damn.

"How do you do therapy?" Give a damn.

Someone asked me once, "How do you do therapy?" How do I do therapy? Wow. I mean it's a fair question. But how do you distill decades of study, experience, mentoring and training into a brief answer that would actually convey anything? It's hard to quantify something that is both so quantifiable and qualitative at the same time. That has so much of science and research as well as art and intuition.

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"Be Our Guest" = Customer Service (i.e., Relationship) Excellence

20111210-074920.jpgBeen bopping around Disneyland the past few days with the fam. Disneyland in my opinion is Customer Sevice Mecca. If you care about customer service like I do (as a relationship strategist I teach and coach on it in the corporate world as well as teaching the customer service mindset as a core relationship strategy in marriage and family work) then Disney not only practices what they preach, they eat, breathe, walk and talk it. They even have a musical number centered around the concept: Watch "Be Our Guest" from the movie Beauty and the Beast.

"Be our guest, be our guest! Put our service to the test."

I was. And I did.

And once again I was wowed! And once again reminded about how to do relationships, any relationship, right.

Watch the vid. This is how they approach it. The amazing amount of people pressing in on these people is astounding. Yet they remain energetic, enthusiastic, talkative, engaging and persistently patient and pleasant. Even when dealing with moronic or obstinate customers they treat them with kindness and respect (i.e., the classic "When's the 3:00 o'clock parade?" question).

Just as in the above clip, they like to not only give great customer service, they also like to show it off and have fun doing it. They like to make a big deal out of great customer service. And what do people do? They, like me, talk about it. And we want more. And we come back for more. Again, and again, and again. Sounds just like what most marriages need (especially with such crappy stats)...

Q: So how do you apply, or think could be applied, "Be Our Guest" customer service in marriage and family relationships?