The GREAT Relationship Work™

GREAT Relationships are the standard here. Subpar just doesn't cut it anymore. Jonathan Sherman, LMFT, Relationship Strategist (licensed marriage & family therapist) and Speaker will help you create truly GREAT Relationships with yourself and others through:

1. Marriage Mastery


Marriage Mastery is accomplished in three stages:

Stage 1: Triage
— Saving your marriage.

Stage 2: Therapy
— Regaining health and strength

Stage 3: Coaching
— Training to excellence.

Transforming your marriage from bad to good or good to great is what MarriageEnvy is all about.

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2. Parent Training


True, none of our kids came with a manual, but fortunately there are libraries full of parenting manuals, brilliant people who've figured it out before us (no need to re-create the wheel... whew!) and there is great training on how to parent effectively, happily and well.

So don't go it alone when so many of the parenting questions you have do have answers.

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3. Self-Mastery

Go beyond just "managing" and "dealing" with life. Learn how to master it by mastering yourself. Whether it's stress, anger, depression, anxiety, abuse issues, being stuck, low self-esteem or just wanting to figure out how to be happier or achieve goals there's no need to doggedly try to just "figure it out" on your own. It's okay to not know everything. It's okay to ask questions. It's okay to learn. 

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