Relationships with self and others—they are a-changin' folks! Thank you all for the kind and encouraging feedback! Your courage to achieve such amazing progress is why I love my job!  

Reviews by Clients & Colleagues

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Marriage Mastery Clients

“Guy-Friendly” Therapy

"Hi Jonathan. As you know my husband did NOT want to come to therapy as he thought it was pointless. However, on the way home after our session with you, my husband mentioned literally five times tonight how much he liked you. This is HUGE. He doesn't communicate these things. So thank you, thank you!!!! You made a great impression on him and he believes you can help us." 
—Grateful Wife, husband addicted to pornography

"My wife found you online and selected you because she saw you are more of a results-oriented therapist and that you don't do the typical counseling bull crap. And she's right! This has been fantastic! As a guy I never thought I'd actually look forward to counseling."
—Husband who brought his marriage back from the brink

“Dude, thanks for not sucking.”
This is my all-time fav compliment!

"My wife's mother is upset because she doesn't call her mom as often anymore. Why? Because my wife prefers talking to me now. I never knew I could 'get off' on such non-sexual intimacy, but it really turns me on to know she wants me so much in so many ways now. I never knew it could be like this."

"I felt very comfortable with you and felt for the first time I would be able to work with someone who really wanted to solve my problems, not just drag them out in long discussions."
—Male Client

"Now I can see how this can really work. Before, with other counseling it seemed like it was just talking. I love that there's a clear, logical plan that makes sense. I'm game. Let's do this."
—Husband and father who was very reluctant and at first thought counseling was stupid and pointless. He left fully committed to engage in the 12-session "Our Way Plan" marriage prep/blended family work.

"How you saved my brother's and sister-in-law's marriage was some kind of miracle. We all thought they were divorcing for sure. They are very happy together. We're coming to see you because of what you did for them."
—Husband and Wife

"You should know... It is our anniversary today and your expert insight and guidance (along with a lot of hard work on our end), are the reasons that we are celebrating six years of marriage today. Thanks for everything you've done for us. I don't think you'd drink with us, but we'll be toasting you tonight. :-)"
—Wife and businesswoman [f0xkm0816]

     Husband: "Because of you my wife is having our 5th baby... Wait that didn't sound right. Because of your help my wife is having our 5th baby... Uhmm... how about just thanks for helping save our marriage..."
     Wife: "Seriously though, my hubby's amazing, and I echo his thanks!"
—Marriage Transformation clients who were many times on the verge of divorce and now stable, happy and in love.

"We tell everyone you saved our marriage [starts crying, husband interjects, "We do."]. I feel so grateful right now. I really hated him. I never saw me getting back to this safe, fun, flirty place where I want to make him happy and show compassion to him."
—J.B., wife, mother, professional

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I never thought I'd be able to forgive my husband. Not only have I forgiven him, I've fallen back in love with him, which I didn't expect I'd ever feel again. I don't know how you did what no one else had been able to do, but thank you forever for giving my man back to me."

"When we first started working with you I was suffering from 'sticker shock' as it seemed so expensive. However, considering the outcomes I think you are WAY undercharging. You are certainly thousands cheaper than our divorce would've been! I shudder to think that we were so close to even considering such a thing."

"I thought about you the other day. We have a couple of friends going through some marital issues and my husband and I have been highly recommending you. I just wanted to share with you what I told my friend. She is extremely skeptical of counseling. However, she sees our relationship everyday as she is also our co-worker. While my relationship with my husband is not perfect (no such thing), it is perfect for me. I told my friend that not only did you listen fairly to both of us, you also gave us the tools to fix our failing relationship then and the tools to maintain our relationship now and forever. We still use the gas-tank analogy to this very day AND my husband often speaks of me being his "number one customer". I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for not telling us what to do or attempting to fix our problems (only we can do that). Thank you for listening, giving us tools, and letting us learn for ourselves. You are simply amazing. With much love and gratitude.”

‎"We haven't been this good in years! It's exciting we're happy again. We've made some really good progress. You know, when we were first married we had no ideas how bad it could get. Now I realize I also had no idea how good it could get. We are better now than we've ever been. When we were newlyweds it was blind optimism. Now we have conscious optimism based in solid skills and consistent efforts... and because of that I find that our love means more."
—K.S., husband, engineer

"We are doing really good! And we’re getting better all the time."
—Former couple I ran into at the store I hadn’t seen in years who were on the verge of divorce when they first came to see.

"If you really want your relationships to soar, think of talking to Jonathan Sherman. He transforms situations from nightmares to dreams."
—K. F., wife, mother, business owner

“It’s amazing how quickly you’ve become one of the most important people in my life.”
—Husband working hard to transform his marriage from prideful, angry, bitter, and hurt to humble, safe, loving, and nurturing.

"Things have been pretty good. We've had a couple issues but we recover quicker than normal. Thanks for all you have done to get us where we are in our marriage. We recently celebrated our 37th anniversary! I honestly didn't think we would ever see that anniversary."
—Wife (hatsk)

Thank you so much for helping me save my marriage! I don't know what I'd do without my husband! He is so amazing for me in so many ways! 
—Wife who at one point couldn't stand her husband and wanted a divorce. (allkJ)

"I just had to tell this to someone who could really appreciate it. This Sunday my husband and I were hanging out and talking and completely out of the blue he said that he would like to renew our marriage vows when we turn 50.  You could have knocked me over with a feather. That was totally unexpected and and it was all HIM.  He always said in the past that I would never be able to get him to do something like that.  Go figure!  I think I am still stunned and over the moon at the same time! You and yours will definitely be on the invitation list when it happens, because I want you to just know that we probably wouldn’t have gotten there without you.  Much thanks!

"Jonathan is a great person. I actually am not a huge fan of the traditional methods of counseling, but I think if I had to pick the best counselor I have ever met in a more traditional setting, it would be him. I think he works really well with men and gets them to be more open and emotionally available, and that is NOT an easy thing to be able to get men to do."
—Female Client, lovja

     Wife said: "15 years ago (about this hour) I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep knowing I had the most important day of my life ahead of me. A matter of hours later I was dressed up, hair done, and waiting nervously to see the man I would call my husband forever. Shortly after that, I looked at him as we knelt across the altar of the Temple. He had tears of joy in his eyes, they were full of love for me. It was hard to comprehend at that time just how much. It has been 15 years of ups, downs, highs and lows, but I am grateful that we have endured this long and look forward to eternity. Thank you [to her husband] for loving me, for forgiving me, and for encouraging me forward."
     Husband said: "I'm glad we've both shed tears of happiness and joy in the last 15 years. We've shed a lot of tears of sorrow as well but no matter what I know we'll make it through together."
     "And thank you, Jonathan. We wouldn't have seen this day without you."
—Wife and mother. (lukmj)

"Thank you! I appreciate how well you worked with us today. I was not expecting this positive outcome. I'm grateful for the safe place you have given me to express myself and attempt communication with my husband."
—Wife who was ready to divorce

"I really can't thank you enough. This has been extremely helpful each time. I've told my Bishop several times how valuable this has been."
—Husband in affair recovery

"Thanks for the light when I was surrounded by so much darkness recently. Now I again have hope, and so does my dear wife. Your skillful counsel has made a difference and I look forward to learning more, and practicing better listening!"
—Husband whose wife was, but is no longer, divorcing him

"After years of long struggle and trials, fabulous counseling with Jonathan, incredible journeys and finally commitment to being the best we were born to be....we put our wedding rings back on!"
—A couple on the verge of divorce, andkb

"A lot of thanks goes to you for helping us make it to our 20th anniversary!"

Parenting Training Clients

"You have done more for our family than you'll ever know. Your genuine concern, down-to-earth friendship and sense of humor are both inspiring and healing. Thank you in so many ways that are beyond our ability to express."
—Signed by all the members in the family

"I've gone to several of Jonathan Sherman's classes and he is entertaining, fun, real life and I always walk away with knowledge, great insights and motivated to better mine and my children's lives."
—Tami E.

"Jonathan helped me see that I was more of the cause of my son's problems than he was.  I initially didn't like finding out that I was the bulk of the problem, but who can argue with the results? My son and I are close again for the first time in years."
—Father of a teen

Self-Mastery Clients

"Are you just different from other therapists? I've never had anyone explain things in such a way. I thought it was impossible to interact with my mom this way, this well, this soon. But just 'sitting with the emotion,' well I never thought to apply that. Everyone else told me I needed to get rid of feeling that way or get over it in one way or another. Instead, you're teaching me how to work with and be with my emotions and the funny thing is that it's working better than anything I've ever learned or heard of before. It's really blowing my mind. Thank you!"
—K.H., teenage young man

"Thank you for today's session. I felt so great after we met. We had the church party tonight and normally that would've been a mental mine field for me. Tonight I had fun. Lots of mental work going on upstairs but I did it! I navigated it and I'm feeling great! Used the mindfulness strategies we talked about to create 'many mini sacred moments!'"

"Thank you so much for your counsel and support! I'm grateful today especially. Something specific you said on Thursday came to mind at the very moment I needed it to help me stay on the course I feel it is important for me to be on. Again, I'm certain that your counsel and help is just what I need at this point in my life. :-) Thank you again!"
—Awesome client doing some really tough boundary work.

"Often after I talk with you I feel like layers have been peeled back from my eyes and the wires holding my head up are pulled taut. Thank you."

"You are amazing and helped me through the hardest challenge of my life. I recommend everyone to get to know him and embrace the value he brings to relationships." 
—Husband, father, CEO [blacg]

“Thank you for truly valuing me as an individual today. I felt it! Something I don’t often feel. I am very grateful I was led to work with you. I feel very blessed.”

Note I found left on the #chalkbus after a session :-)

Note I found left on the #chalkbus after a session :-)

"So... my in-laws are coming home after being gone for some time. Major anxiety this afternoon but I took a second just now to 'sit in discomfort' and I've managed to work around it. Feeling super and 'out of the box'!!! Yay therapy! Just wanted to share and celebrate!"

"Thank you so much for helping my son and being willing to work with him. You have been a blessing to our family. I still tell people how you helped me. I remember you telling me it's a process. I still use the tools and wisdom you imparted to me. And I pass it along. If you used my name I wouldn't care at this point in my life. I would be thrilled, honored, and humbled to know that through my experiences I've helped someone else... "Save it be one soul." I wish you had a minute sometime for me to tell you how my life is still changing because of the things you taught me. I am still bipolar, I still have my good days and bad, however I know it will pass. I also have the tools to get through them AND I'm pretty darn good at it! :-) I cannot, of course, leave out how much Jesus Christ has helped me and your sweet wife, I am grateful to her. She has had an impact that she probably isn't aware of. Peace. :-)"
—Vicky Wood, self-Mastery client who learned to overcome a terrible abuse history, eating disorders, addiction and to successfully manage bipolar depression long-term.

"Our $150 buck chat helped to inspire an impromptu lecture that was pretty awesome! Thanks."

"[My wife] is amazed. You changed her life turn changed my life and hopefully her family's lives, too. You definitely do not hide your talents under a bushel. I so appreciate you."
—Grateful Husband, in response to session covering "Mastering and Using Strong Emotions"

"Our son is doing great! He has a much better attitude about everything lately. We love when he is like this!!! Thank YOU!!!"
—Mother whose teen son was depressed, cutting and suicidal

"What my son struggled with for the past five years he is doing 180 degrees better after just three sessions. I've never seen anything like it! We can't thank you enough."
—M. M., mother

"You are so difficult!"
—This feedback by a dear client I took as a huge compliment and I laughed out loud. This comment came after challenging her with a highly unexpected and much needed mental monkey wrench. It's hard to let go and change thinking, feelings, perspectives, patterns and beliefs. To her credit she took it and wrestled with the new concept and her stuck thinking she came in with was opened up and freed. It's good to be validated, but be wary of the therapist/advisor/coach/consultant that only makes you feel good and tells you only what you want to hear. I would never trust "easy" therapy.

Testimonials (unsorted)


"I'm your biggest fan. You're phone must be ringing off the hook.  I tell everyone about you. You've just been so helpful. I tell them how the cost of not working with you far exceeds the cost of your fee."
—Female client [gro.c]

"Between my partner and I, we have 12 kids. We come from very different backgrounds and different religions but we have something big in common, our desire to be more loving and accepting of one another along with a tenacity for being better people individually. We just left meeting with our marriage and family counselor, working on making our good relationship great. It's not always easy but I see the gold at the end of the rainbow. We work hard. Really hard for what we have. If you're with someone that you feel is worth it, work hard. Set down your ego. Be accountable. Seek guidance. ...then get frozen yogurt and cuddle."
—Female Client, wynnv

"You are a big reason I'm here and you played a huge role in getting me to this point.  I always remember that you are sort of like my little brother Jonathan incarnate, sent to me here on earth.  Thank you for always being there Jonathan.  You are sincerely loved and appreciated! Peace and blessings to you."
—Female Client, viaj 

"You really do have that gift, Jonathan, of 'knowing just what to say.' You have blessed my life and given tools that my partner and I use daily to progress our relationship into a loving union rather than battle of the egos. (In particular, the "redo" exercise) He is better at asking for redos than I am but that's okay; he's a great example of humility and I'll get there."
—Victoria Wynn

"Really, it's so bad-a** that your whole theme is 'I have a better marriage than everyone else. Come and learn how!' That's why you're the man, Jonathan!"
—Husband who's learned to subjugate his ego and humbly serve his wife... and reap the rewards of so doing.

"Do you know how amazing you are? Really??!! You clearly own and acknowledge your awesomeness, but there is so much more to you, about YOU, Jonathan. Besides the 'easy job' of saving my life and DOING the (hard) work, putting in the (inconvenient) time... WILLINGLY... GLADLY....solidifies everything in which you claim to believe; and not just in words and actions alone. Oh no, the main component you carry within, the attribute that blesses lives, heals, GIVES HOPE and ignites/sparks another's (my own) buried and forgotten flame that longs to be remembered, is not seen by the human eye. It is felt! Call it the spirit, energy, vibes, the universe, whatever. You give others that authentic and unique 'sense' that I believe Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Buddha and others alike had, and more importantly, the awareness and understanding of the source in which it came. The source that brings meaning and purpose in the area we all have in common: LIFE; embracing the journey of life (existing vs living); the 'plain and simple' truths; and becoming/ BEING the 'plain and simple' soul. You give others a taste of that. It cannot be manufactured, forged or earned, it just is. I believe others can obtain this unique attribute, but not by activity seeking it. I believe through one's effort and actions done for the sake of another, having no expectations or thought for self, parts the veil and unites within the soul (we are all ONE in purpose) and it just becomes them. YOU! You play a vital role in this life that helps bring others to an awareness of their individual amazing and unique self. Remember the soul, my own, that is expressing this to you. The soul that longed for death who had planned and arranged to take her own life. The soul who believed she was dirty, used, evil and believed had no worth. The soul that still is fighting the demons that want to engulf her. I know this soul has been entrusted in your care. [You've told me some about your mother], your mother is so proud of you, Jonathan. [As you've said to me about God's love for me, I know] 'she is absolutely crazy madly in love with you.'"
—From a client who has a terrible sexual abuse history in her childhood and marriage, was experiencing severe PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and was actively suicidal. Much work has been done and she is now long-term stable, can handle stress without decompensating, is able to emotionally regulate, has healthy and assertive boundaries, is pursuing life goals and is improving and taking control of her life on many fronts.

"I see progress!  I appreciate the work we do together. You gave me the push I needed. I'm now getting things done faster than I would have otherwise without your help. Progress NOT perfection!" 
—Female client

Came home after a loonnng day to this message from a dear client: "Thanks for caring. You are making a difference for good in my life, and I'm truly grateful." So nice to hear that. Be sure to reach out and appreciate someone today. You never know how much someone needs to hear that sometimes.

A former client just stopped to settle up on his bill. We had a great chat just catching up. He reported that they as a couple are doing great "thanks to you helping me pull my head out!" He reminded me that when they came they were just about to pull the plug on their marriage as things had gotten pretty bad. He said they still "have little things here and there but just normal stuff that we work through well and others that we have learned to be more accepting of each other's differences and be mature about it." As he spoke about his wife you could see the love and respect he had for her. And THAT folks is why I love my job.

"Yes, I admit it... I love another man... Jonathan D. Sherman. He is more than a gifted therapist - he is a soul healer."
—Business Owner, Wife & Mother

"I got out of a sick bed to come and hear you tonight. You could say I'm one of your number one fans!‎ I enjoyed everything that you talked about. Thank you for taking the time to help us with our lives."
—N., Chainbreakers Foundation member, mother, grandmother.

"Whenever I think of self improvement, I think of Jonathan Sherman. He's a stand up guy!"
—Charles Andrews

"You simply amaze me, Mr. Sherman. What I witness from you on a daily basis is truly the love of Christ. You love the PERSON no matter what. You are more concerned about PEOPLE than just about anyone I know. A great example of someone who just simply gets it. Compassion. Kindness. Love. All things I admire in you and want in me."
—E.B., Colleague

"Things are going really well. We plan on doing our six-month check up. I just can't thank you enough for everything you've done for us. If you need a testimonial I'm glad to provide that. You've been really helpful. I know we'll still keep in touch. We're on the up and up and things are going really well. We really appreciate all you've done for us."
—Husband, Marriage Transformation clients recovering from the aftermath of infidelity. 

"Thanks for totally making good on my endorsement of you to my dear friends! There were so impressed and hopeful for the first time in years."
—Client regarding referral she made.

"Thank you for teaching me principles that help me every day. I tell everyone I know going through troubles like mine, that you are awesome and can bring workable solutions to their issues, if both people are willing to think and work at it."
—Wife and mother

"I have so appreciated your help this year. It has truly helped me to become a better person and make life manageable. I have to admit I was very reluctant to ever see another counselor but I am truly grateful I did and have gotten to know you."

 "Jonathan Sherman teaches with such insightfulness and depth on the inter-workings of human emotions and relationships. His coaching has proven invaluable to me, and is the true hope for anyone who has ever loved another and wondered, 'What's wrong with you? What's wrong with me? And why aren't we working?'"
—Forever thankful, Jessica J. Grant (name used with permission)

"We want to send our most sincere 'thank you's your way. Without your help I would not be able to fully enjoy this wonderful time in my life. My wife would not have a fully present husband and our son would not have such an engaged father. We have experienced so much joy and growth since his arrival. Only a family with a sober father could experience this. You have done more for our family than you can imagine.”
—Love, C.S. and Family

"I got more out of our first hour together than I got out of four years of therapy with our other counselor. I wish we had known about you before."
Husband, Ph.D.

"Thanks again for all of your help this past year. We are doing SO much better and we owe so much to you. I wish you the very best and hope you have a wonderful life!"

Seminar Participants

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comments word cloud

comments word cloud

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"At a homeschool convention recently, this gentleman presented a workshop on communication and relationships. He is fantastic--not your ordinary relationship counselor. I signed up for the newsletter and love the things he shares on his Facebook page. Be sure to check out Jonathan Sherman."

“Sending out some gratitude to you today. Thank you for the knowledge that you have given me. I really appreciate it Jonathan."
—"Attract the Best" female client

"Jonathan, the activity was a success. You did a great job! You have a way of making people comfortable; they were so receptive to your presentation. And you are dang funny. I'm grateful there are good people like you in your profession. Thank you again for helping us.
—Linda H., Event Organizer for "Communication: The Deep Listening Solution" Seminar

"Awareness!!! There IS hope for this relationship!! We were heading for a divorce before tonight. We will try to appreciate as a core strategy. Thanks a bunch, Jonathan!"
—“Building Strong Families with ‘ACCCTS’” Seminar Participant

"The biggest 'WOW!' moment for me was realizing that change will always happen and the lack of change is only in the now."
—“Working the System” Seminar Participant

"Wow! We heard you yesterday and ended up dragging 17 people with us for tonight's presentation! Our group really needed this presentation. Thank you!"
—“Building Strong Families with ‘ACCCTS’” Seminar Participant

"I feel like I've been hitting my head against the wall—nowhere to go! This gave me some exciting and specific new avenues to try. Thanks for the boost in self-esteem—it was much needed!"
—“Mastering Strong Emotions” Seminar Participant

"The seminar spurred me to look at my perspective of interaction with kids in a whole different way!" —“Working the System” Seminar Participant

"Jonathan is just a wonderful speaker! Very inspiring. I appreciate his family examples and pointing out his own faults rather than being the unapproachable 'perfect expert."
—“Mastering Strong Emotions” Seminar Participant

"Your presentation gave me hope. I now have the tools to better my relationship with my husband and children. Thank you!"
—“Building Strong Families with ‘ACCCTS’” Seminar Participant

"Thank you Mr. Sherman for an AWESOME presentation by an AWESOME guy—always worth a laugh and something learned when you are around. I appreciate it!"
—New Year, TRUE You workshop participant

"Once again, you are the guru of therapists. ;-) Thank you. It's like eagerly listening to General Conference, but considerably more entertaining. Ha ha!"
—Wife and mother

“I enjoyed your presentation at the Generations seminar last week. I think anytime there is information that can be used to facilitate healthy living and  enhance marriages it should be promoted. You have provided some great insight for both my professional life and my personal life.”
—Dave Asay, LCSW Benchmark Behavioral Health


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