Family Fun: Killer Candy Land


The following is just complete nonsense. My 21 year old son, 16 year old daughty, and I played made this up one Sunday afternoon.  Obviously it's a little kid's game they wanted to play for nostalgia's sake. I groaned and complained it's so boring. So we agreed we would make it more interesting by calling it "Killer Candy Land."

Each of the following rules was made up on the spot as we played.  It was all pretty silly. We laughed, debated and argued while we decided the rules. We're all pretty loud. Good times.

We may never play it again. But I decided to document it here just for kicks in case we ever do again. I encourage you to take a favorite family game and mix it up and make your own silly version of it.


The Rainbow Trail Curse: Within 10 days a small farmhouse with a young girl and her little dog shall fall upon you and crush you to deathness.

Candy Heart: Smash face in sandwhich and take a big bite of it.

Candy Cane: Hang self 2 seconds because the candy cane symbolizes the shepherd's crook that would grab sheep around the neck. 

Gumdrop: Drop and give me 10 push ups.

Mountain Pass Curse: Within an hour you'll be eaten by Gumdrop Monsters.

Gingerbread Man: 10 jump jacks because it looks like the gingerbread man is doing jumping jacks. 

Peanut Brittle House: You go back to start. The initial idea was vetoed by Adam because of his beard: smear peanut butter on the persons face and have our dog Pepper lick it off. 

Lollipop: go outside, twirl around as  sing the "Lollipop" song as loud as possible for the neighbors to here

Ice Cream Floats: Some kind of cream-based experiences with whipped cream, ice cream, sour cream, shaving cream, etc. see video


Make Custom Cards: With pretty much whatever you want them to do. 

Double Color Card: go 2 colors and then one space back.