The Parent Mastery Group

The Parent Mastery Group is an ongoing online support group and resources that combines support, education, coaching and accountability to its members. All are welcome and you can join at any time. Each group follows this format:

  1. Exclusive access to bonus private Facebook support group for members only. Get support from fellow parents who have been and are being trained in the very same parent methods and mindsets that you are. 
  2. Weekly live Q&A Google Hangout video with Jonathan. Ask your own questions and/or learn from others' questions and experiences.
  3. Access to the Parenting Bonus Section full of...
  4. Optional: Members only steep discounts on parenting workshops and products. Jonathan records all of his workshops, so if you aren't able to attend a live workshop, you'll be able to listen to them later (maybe include this in the subscription fee?) 
  5. Optional: I encourage locally meeting up with Parent Mastery Group members in your area. Local Parent Mastery Groups follow this format: 
  • Sharing of successes from the previous week;
  • Presentation of new skills (ie., mini-workshops of many of the seminars below such as Parenting with Love and Logic, How to Talk to Teens about the Tough Stuff, Snap 1-2-3, Discipline vs. Punishment, and more);
  • Group brainstorm for members seeking solutions;
  • Individual accountability assignments which are self-assigned by each group member, to then report back to group the following meeting.

This group meets every other week and is the perfect compliment to The Marriage Mastery Group that many people take concurrently as they run on alternating weeks from one another.

The Parent Mastery Group is a support group that encourages education and accountability. While it is moderated by a therapist, it is not group therapy. Group members support, encourage, share ideas, brainstorm together, etc. 

Group Rules & Code of Conduct

Use or sentry login until SS comes up with their own membership integration.


Gaining greater mastery in your parenting will bring you much greater happiness than just the price of a few Happy Meals