How Sound Business and Marketing Principles Can Strengthen Your Marriage and Family

If everyone wants a GREAT relationship, why isn’t everyone getting one? Are they really that hard to come by? If so, do they need to be? There must be a better way… and there is. Come learn the strategies for creating a truly great, lasting and powerful relationship. This fun, upbeat and informative presentation looks at relationships from a very unique angle: The business and marketing world. The mindsets and skills learned in this workshop apply to marriage, parenting, work and even your relationship with yourself.


I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful evening last night. I liked the presentation based on a business model. I think that was really excellent for so many guys. Of course, the women always like the " touchy -feely" stuff, but I still received positive remarks from them. I personally related to it well because I'm in the business world and have those marketing discussions alot. I hope we can utilize you for an "Empty- Nesters" group sometime in the future. Thanks again, and thank you darling daughter. Thanks for helping our community and world!
—Sue C., Relief Society President


Thank you again for speaking to our group last night. I've talked to several people already who said it was just absolutely fascinating and wonderful! You are really quite amazing Jonathan. Thank you, thank you again!"
—Joan Shippen, Founder The Chainbreaker Foundation

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Evaluation Results

I don't filter my evaluation results I give them here as straight as I get them. I figure if you're making the important decision to select the right speaker for your group is it better to just get filtered positive only testimonials about a potential speaker or to know how people respond to the speaker including both those who loved it and didn't? So if someone thought I stunk you'll hear it hear first. Obviously, I don't try to make everyone happy. Part of my utility is to get people out of their comfort zones. If the majority love an approach I use in a seminar I'll continue those items that resonate with most. If the majority hate an approach I'll drop it. If one or two people don't like what the majority love, then I don't give much heed to those critiques, of course. However, I appreciate all feedback, which is one of the reasons my evaluation results are consistently high: My audiences teach me what they like and what works best for them and I listen.

My evaluation form contains the following items:

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  • 1-10 Rating: "Please rate your overall experience of this presentation"
  • The Good: "What was brilliant, superb, exhilarating, life-altering, or opened the heavens for you? In short, what did you like about the presentation?
  • One Thing: "What's one thing that you plan on using and/or implementing into your life from this presentation?" This tells me out of everything what was the one thing that had the most meaningful impact.
  • The Bad: "What stunk, turned your stomach, gave you a headache, made  you dizzy, or gave you gas? In short, what didn't you like that could be improved and/or what would you like to see covered that wasn't? (Go ahead, I can take it!)"
  • Requested eZine: This is actually also an evaluation measure: You'd think that someone who would give a lower rating didn't like the presentation. However, while it may not have been the favorite for that person, they got enough out of it that they would like to receive emails containing articles, tips, strategies and events on these topics from me.

Event: Lakeview Ward
Date: 4-17-14
Attendance: 50 approx.
Number of Evals Returned: 26
Average Rating for this Event: 9.4/10

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Event: The Chainbreaker Foundation
Date: 10-9-12
Attendance: 30+
Number of Evals Returned: 20
Average Rating for this Event: 9.5/10