Self-Mastery Tip: The Question of Fair

In regards to the question of "fair":

  1. Life isn't fair. Waiting for it to be, or expecting it to be, is the fast track to suffering and  insanity; 
  2. That being said, it is our responsibility to be fair and to make the systems we live in (family, government, work, etc) as fair as possible. This elevates us to a nobler status as human beings as itallows us to rise above "just what we've been given." Doing so allows us to leverage our ability to create and improve.

Thus, stop waiting for life to be fair. Just get to work today and make it as fair as you can. Start with being fair yourself. 

Let's hear your ideas...

Instead of complaining about life, work, your marriage not being fair, what do you DO to make it fair?

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