Humor: Real-to-Life Wedding Vow

Humor: Real-to-Life Wedding Vow

She's Having a Babyis actually a pretty great movie—funny with a solid message. Kevin Bacon's character, Jake, is clearly in over his head and overwhelmed by adjusting to the commitment of married life. However, as is true in a healthy marriage, few are fully ready, but like Jake grow into maturity. Looking back I realize I had no clue what I was doing. But I had commitment and a willingness to learn and to figure it out. Fortunately, that's often enough.

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Any Dad's Relate to the Work of the Woman, the Craft of the Father?

From one of my fav movies. Any dads relate?

"I stand outside this woman's work. Now starts the craft of the father." —Kate Bush, This Woman's Work, from the movie She's Having a Baby

Please honor the mother of your children. Work your craft to be a father of honor.

BONUS: "This Woman's Work" cover by Maxwell