MLK, Jr. Day "I Have a Dream" Activity


Most people have seen clips from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech" but most haven't actually seen/heard/read the full 17-minute speech, which is masterful and profound. I have included it below. 

This activity is a simple one based on this speech we've done as a family that you can do with your family, students or youth group.





  • Inform participants that we will be watching the full "I Have a Dream" speech and that each person is to follow along with their handout of the speech and simply circle/underline any thoughts, concepts, ideas, principles or concepts that resonate with them that they find meaningful/interesting.
  • Watch the speech.
  • Process:
    • Go around and have each person share 1-3 quotes/thoughts that were most meaningful to them.
    • Encourage other members to share their thoughts on what others shared and add in your own ideas, too, but don't take over the discussion or turn it into a lecture. Let the group carry the discussion.