Be the Answer provides real solutions

Jonathan Sherman, LMFT, conducts school interventions and assemblies called "Be the Answer: Solutions to Bullying" based in the nonviolent resistance movements of Gandhi and MLK, Jr (which most students are familiar with), as well as current research-based approaches and is focused on rallying the numerous bystanders who too often just... well, stand by. Very powerful.  

"Be the Answer" provides real solutions to the bullying problem. Based on the research- and evidence-based Olweus Bullying Prevention Project, TAB-S, and incorporating the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, "Be the Answer: Solutions to Bullying" is a comprehensive, dynamic and systemic intervention program designed to integrate into school’s existing policies.  

Further, "Be the Answer: Solutions to Bullying"provides practical approaches kids actually relate to and will use as it empowers them to stand up for themselves and others in Peacefully Powerful ways. "Be the Answer" is a perfect tie-in to Red Ribbon Week and curricula on MLK, Jr. Available as a stand-alone assembly or as a school-wide prevention and intervention program for students, faculty and parents. 


Why jonathan?

Jonathan Sherman has been consulting with school districts, school counselors, principles, administrators, teachers and superintendents for over 20 years. He specializes in treating youth struggling with behavior problems, family troubles, abuse, depression, anxiety, suicide, anger, and stress.

He understands the dynamics of abuse, power and control and how to effectively create safety for those being persecuted, how to teach them to empower themselves, and how to effectively set limits and apply consequences for those who violate others.

He does this through best practices (evidence- and research-based practices), through the best minds (those historically most effective against violence and oppression, Gandhi and MLK), and best experience (Jonathan’s own professional experience working with bullies and the bullied, and the experiences of those who have not only been bullied but effectively stood up to them).


The program of assemblies and staff, parent and student trainings has been adapted to be applicable to district-wide implementations or individual elementary schools, middle schools/junior high schools, and high schools.

District CLIENTS

Alpine School District
Forbes Elementary School
American Fork Junior High

North Summit School District North Summit High School
North Summit Middle School


Presentation slides 

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CDC Report 

Click the above image to download a PDF of the CDC's report on "The Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide: What We Know and What It Means for Schools."