Daily Romance & Valentine's ALL Year

valentines all year jars
valentines all year jars

Whew! You got here before Valentine's Day... OR... Oops! You're getting this too late after Valentine's Day? Either way, great! Because, this post isn't for Valentine's Day, it's for taking care of your relationship with great care throughout the whole year, and not just on one day. For example, for our tenth anniversary, I collected and printed or wrote out 365 love quotes and poems and put them in the jars pictured above. This way she could read have random love note/Valentine every day that year. Further, they are a constant reminder year after year of the time and care I took that Valentine's Day to let her know for many days and many years how much she matters to me.

The Valentine's All Year Projects

I started these two ongoing blog projects for my wife on our 18th Anniversary. Each entry contains a popular song with lyrics or a profound quote along with a specific note to Kara and a GREAT Relationship Principle related to the song or quote that is applicable to everyone:

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