"Good enough" is Both Good and Enough

Women and men: Please read this article.




My response to it is: YES! Please, (PLEASE!) banish the comparison/"not good enough trap". For too many people "good enough" is settling because they didn't achieve perfection or excellence in X thing/endeavor/aspect of life.

People (maybe even you) are constantly living in mortal fear that they have not reached the "standard" of how they "should" be, that they have, or will, "screw it all up" and ultimately fail. They are continually comparing themselves to others (not realizing that those same others are also doing the same with the exact same doubts, fears and insecurities).

Daily I encounter amazing, wonderful people who can't enjoy (let alone see) that they actually are amazing and wonderful because in their minds they aren't good enough because they haven't got it all down the right way, never have and, of course, never will. At best they feel they are faking it and eventually someone will see through the facade and expose them for the imposter they are. This the amazing mom who is juggling work and family and PTA and dinner and homework and laundry isn't good enough because she hasn't gotten all the laundry folded and put away, and the dinner wasn't homemade, and she snapped at her kids. So because it wasn't perfect none of it counts. 

I tell my clients, however, that "good enough" is both literally GOOD and it is also ENOUGH. While excellence is a great standard, putting it on ourselves as an expectation for everything all the time is not realistic, puts people on the fast-track to burnout, and is both counterproductive and is simply just plain not fun. Being able to take a step back and just enjoy a good moment, a good day, with your good self and enjoy it as plenty and enough is a good, good thing. You can still strive for doing great and wonderful things in your life for your self and others. Just also allow the simple, good and enough things you do to be  good enough and enjoy them. 

You, please for me, be good to you today, okay?