Parenting > Marketing Disconnection: When Did "You don't have to connect with your kids" Become a Selling Point?

What do you think? Watch this ad: 

This car ad is touting quiet, non-interactive children as a primary benefit of a car with built-in wifi. Now bear in mind I'm a big tech fan and readily welcome advances. However, I'd rather hear my child in her boredom come up with something imaginative like "I'm jumping on a chocolate chip trampoline" than have them plugged in and tuned out. In the wifi-enabled car the girl leaves saying, "I didn't even think we were moving." The former sparks creativity, interaction with each other and a memory is made. The latter is being disconnected from experiencing the world around her. No one has memories of being plugged in and tuned out: "Remember that time we watched our iPads for hours on end?! That was SO fun!" But how about, "Remember 'chocolate chip trampoline'?! Where the heck did that come from?! Ha ha! I think I'll name my band that!"

I had my kids to interact with them, develop relationships, and create memories. Am I making too big a deal out of this? Your thoughts?

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