Interview: Speaking Manglish and Womanese

Interview with Rick Sherman (no relation) of KASL radio for a large multi-group single adults activity including dinner, myself as speaker and a dance afterward. The workshop he interviewed me about is "Speaking Manglish and Womanese: Bridging the Gender Gap."

Interview Questions/Comments asked by interviewer are as follows. Answers, of course, are in the interview above.

1. "I'd like to start with the '9 Words Used by Women"... These are the "9 words used by women" he referred to.

2. "What percentage of couples might need some counseling or coaching?" EXTRA info not in the above interview:

"Not only can talk therapy improve one’s marriage, statistics also show that talk therapy is successful in helping clients improve their lives across the board. One survey found that 93 percent of people who sought help from marriage and family counselors stated that they were more successful in dealing with problems, 63.4 percent reported improved physical health, 58.4 percent reported improvement in functioning at work and 73.7 percent found an improvement in their child’s behavior." —Dr. Laura Berman

3. "So you kind of  need to learn  how to be married, right?"

4. "Is there a greatest need or complaint or shall we say deal-breaker that  you encounter in sessions?" 

5. "Is there an average number of sessions couples will spend with you to get back on track?"

6. "You hear the term 'break-up to make-up' quite often. Is that something you might encounter? Do people kind of create their own problems to make-up?"

7. "This all seems highly serious. There must be a lighter side to it. There must be great satisfaction to helping people."

8. "So you're bi-lingual. You serve as a translator then between men and women, eh?"

EXTRA info not in the above interview: Is this counseling for couples only?  MFT's work with anyone and anything within the scope of the family: individuals, couples, families, children, adults, singles, divorcing, remarrying, c0-parenting, addictions and mental health issues.