The 20/20/20 GIVEAWAY!!!

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Kara and I have been celebrating 20 years this year (read all about it here: and there's only a couple months of this anniversary year left for us. To end this 20th Anniversary Year-Long Celebration and to start off the New Year between now and the end of our 20th Anniversary year (which ends February 13, 2013) we will be giving away 20 of each of the following prizes worth over $6,000!


  • A $225 ($150/h0ur) value each.
  • Conducted by Jonathan Sherman, LMFT locally at one of his offices or via Skype if you live elsewhere.
  • Total value for this giveaway: $4,500


  • Three of my fav books in the trifecta. These are the three books I recommend most often:
  1. Marriage Mastery: "The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work," by John M. Gottman
  2. Parent Training: "Parenting with Love and Logic," by Jim Fay and Foster Cline
  3. Self-Mastery: "The Bonds that Make Us Free: Healing Our Relationships, Coming to Ourselves," by C. Terry Warner
  • Total value for this giveaway: $1,500


  • Good for any workshop in The Relationship Mastery Series (
  • Each Couple Tickets comes with two tickets for you and your partner or you and a friend.
  • You can attend locally or via webinar anywhere in the world.
  • A $30 value for each couples ticket
  • Total value for this giveaway: $600

TO ENTER JUST FILL OUT THE FORM AT This giveaway ends February 13, 2013 and winners will be selected randomly from all submissions on February 14, 2013. Winners will be notified by phone and email.

Good luck! Hope you win! :-)

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST and/or LINK! Thank you! :-)

Our 20th Anniversary Year-Long Celebration

Our 20th Anniversary Year-Long Celebration

You know how business' celebrate their 10th, 20th, etc anniversary of being in business all year long? Well, marriage and family is more important than any business so Kara and I decided today that we're going to make our 20th Anniversary a Year-Long Celebration instead of just on our anniversary date itself and stretch it out throughout 2012 with various big and small celebrations, activities and parties. Woo hoo! 

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