Guest Blogger: Katrina Wride VanWagenen on "Managing Stress by Mindfully Owning Your AWESOMENESS"

Introduction: Thanks to my friend Katrina Wride Van Wagenen (the interior designer genius of Katrina Dawn Interiors). for being a guest blogger on The GREAT Relationships Blog. People benefit greatly from her infectious positivity. If you know me (Jonathan) I often speak about owning one's inherent AWESOMENESS without ego and without apology. She responded to my recent post on "AWESOMENESS, 'Failure' and the Woes and Wins of Entrepreneurship" with the following post on her Facebook page. I thought it was a fantastic way to recalibrate the downs of life by focusing on all that is right inside and around oneself. Her comments relate well to owning your AWESOMENESS (the TRUTH) to help combat the down and dark days of the LIE. I asked if she would be willing to re-post it here as a guest blogger to which she graciously obliged. So I give you Katrina. Enjoy.—Jonathan Sherman

Katrina Wride Van Wagenen
Katrina Wride Van Wagenen

Guest Blogger: Katrina Wride Van Wagenen

Most of the people I know and interact with are awesome, and I don't say that lightly.

The make of your car, the size of your home, or the brand of your clothes means nothing to me. It's what your personality, character, and whether or not you can laugh at yourself, that speaks volumes of AWESOMENESS to me.

Sharing your experiences of trials, pain, acceptance, and endurance that shows me who you are. Keep on going, brighten your day and someone else's. Make a go to list of things that make you awesome, and things that bring a smile to your face when life seems a tad overwhelming, or hugely overwhelming.

I have such lists, and they are a Godsend in my life. It only takes a moment or two, to jot down the things that bring a smile to your face, or warm your heart.

Here's part of my two lists:

What Makes Me Awesome:

  • I have a very loving family
  • I'm surrounded daily by the most amazing friends on the planet
  • I'm a superb cook
  • I'm a superb interior designer
  • I know how to get almost anything I want for a huge fraction of the price, or free
  • I know God loves me
  • I understand color and texture
  • I throw beautiful fun parties
  • I can make a mean fire in all kinds of weather
  • I survive bitter experiences and I always manage a smile or a good laugh in spite of it
  • I love to learn
  • People smile and laugh around me, so I must be doing something right;)
  • My children adore me
  • My baking skills make mouths water
  • I'm well read
  • I'm okay with cereal and icecream for dinner on those kinds of days:D
  • I love engaging and being around people

Okay bored yet?

My Happy List:

  • Spontaneous interaction with friends
  • Chocolate in any form
  • Cokes and pebble ice
  • Water—seeing it, swimming in it, listening to it, touching it—inspires me
  • Go for a long walk
  • Turn on Harry Potter audio, and get some chores done
  • Walking through furniture consignment stores
  • Eating ice cream
  • Laughing, cooking for, and entertaining friends
  • Going for a few days in a cabin tucked away somewhere
  • Hot bath, good book, and some warm tea
  • Pero, and hazelnut creamer
  • Reading a home decor magazine
  • A new pair of jeans
  • Browsing an old book store
  • Browsing ANY book store ;)
  • "You might be a redneck" comedy with Jeff Foxworthy
  • Long drive, listening to the symphony, self-help audio, or nothing at all
  • Yoga
  • Just being(sometimes I pull my car over on the side of the road, lean all the way back and notice the sky, and think to myself what it would be like to live there, where they have the beautiful sky, even though it might be my own I live in my car I swear)
  • Grab a quilt, a sandwich, chips, drinks, books, magazines, and a few pillows and lay out on the grass, sometimes I sleep;)

Anyways there's a few ideas. xoxo friends!!! And remember you are ALL AWESOME!!!!!!