Girl Makes Wedding Dress from Her Parents' Divorce Papers

Tori Wilson is one of my son Adam's very best friends—which means I love her because when someone like her is good to one of my kids it's as though they are being good to me.

But I also like her for the kind of person she is in her own life: She is not only a survivor, she is a thriver. She is the type of person who has the uncanny ability to transform hardship into resiliency. Case in point: She posted this online and I knew I had to share it here. It is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! 

Tori said,

"This is a "wedding dress" me and my roommate made out of my parents divorce papers. I'm sick of hearing how "I could never make a marriage work because I'm a child of a divorced couple." I don't want to hate marriage just because my parents' didn't work out. Because you know what? My parents have both remarried and I'm happy for them! They learned hard lessons that I can apply to myself and I'm grateful for that. I recognize the effect divorce has had on me, but it's not an excuse or a hinderance. I have a success rate that I write, not statistics. I believe in marriage and I know my family can be together forever."

"I have a success rate that I write, not statistics" = Tori, you are my new hero!