Speaking Manglish & Womanese: Bridging the Gender Gap

We were raised in the same culture speaking the same language, right? Nope. While men and women are indeed from the same planet they experience the same world as distinctly different as if they came from their own unique cultures and spoke their own nuanced and complex languages.In this fun, upbeat, informative, and research-based approach Jonathan Sherman, LMFT, licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship strategist teaches you and your partner how to understand and use men's and women's differences as benefits vs. deficits.

This training will cover the following:

  • The male and female brain: Beyond stereotype and into neurology
  • How we very unintentionally, but quite effectively, offensively "flip the bird' and push away the very person we want closest to us
  • What men really want... and how to give it to them
  • What women really want... and how to give it to them
  • Why women are actually just as poor communicators as men are
  • Beyond lip-service: How to truly value difference and leverage difference as asset and allie
  • What sex actually means to men and women
  • Workbook included
  • Topics covered subject to change based on time and audience needs.

You'll leave with a smile, greater understanding and practical real-life tools, strategies and mindsets for engaging brilliantly and effectively with the opposite sex.

This was an amazing seminar. So glad we went! Everyone should make an effort and go to the next one! You'll regret it if you don't!"
—Eric B. (attended with wife) See more comments here.  

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Evaluation Results

I don't filter my evaluation results I give them here as straight as I get them. I figure if you're making the important decision to select the right speaker for your group is it better to just get filtered positive only testimonials about a potential speaker or to know how people respond to the speaker including both those who loved it and didn't? So if someone thought I stunk you'll hear it hear first. Obviously, I don't try to make everyone happy. Part of my utility is to get people out of their comfort zones. If the majority love an approach I use in a seminar I'll continue those items that resonate with most. If the majority hate an approach I'll drop it. If one or two people don't like what the majority love, then I don't give much heed to those critiques, of course. However, I appreciate all feedback, which is one of the reasons my evaluation results are consistently high: My audiences teach me what they like and what works best for them and I listen.

My evaluation form contains the following items:

  • 1-10 Rating: "Please rate your overall experience of this presentation"
Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 1.39.50 AM
Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 1.39.50 AM
  • The Good: "What was brilliant, superb, exhilarating, life-altering, or opened the heavens for you? In short, what did you like about the presentation?
  • One Thing: "What's one thing that you plan on using and/or implementing into your life from this presentation?" This tells me out of everything what was the one thing that had the most meaningful impact.
  • The Bad: "What stunk, turned your stomach, gave you a headache, made  you dizzy, or gave you gas? In short, what didn't you like that could be improved and/or what would you like to see covered that wasn't? (Go ahead, I can take it!)"
  • Requested eZine: This is actually also an evaluation measure: You'd think that someone who would give a lower rating didn't like the presentation. However, while it may not have been the favorite for that person, they got enough out of it that they would like to receive emails containing articles, tips, strategies and events on these topics from me.

Event: Date Your Mate Series (USU Extension Services)

Event: Marriage-Enrichment.org Date Night
Date: 9-15-12
Attendance: 80+
Number of Evals Returned: 32
Average Rating for this Event: 9.1/10

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Event: Multi-Stake Singles Super Saturday Dinner, Speaker and Dance
Date: 6-2-12
Attendance: 80+
Number of Evals Returned: 19
erage Rating for this Event: 9.1/10



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