Anniversary Logos

For the past several years, I've created for Kara what I call an Anniversary Logo that I plaster all over the car, our house, and I usually combine it with some public spectacle at her workplace. 

Personally and professionally, I preach and practice what I call "relationship marketing" which is all about courting, wooing and winning your partner all over again on a daily, regular basis. The marketing principles that Coke, Apple, and Nike are clear and compelling and keep them continually at the top of their game. Why? Because they are 100% clear that they will do whatever it takes to win you to them—not just once, but again and again. 

Is your message to your spouse that clear? Unfortunately, most relationships did this marketing (aka courting/dating) in the early phases of the relationship, but haven't for years or do it sporadically. And then they wonder why they "lost" the spark. Marketing and customer loyalty doesn't take care of it self—it must be created, and re-created continually. It's not much different in marriage, folks.

Of course, people don't have to do it as openly as I do. That's just my style in my personal life and it's one that I can fortunately also use professionally to illustrate a point. The point is: 

1. Is your spouse 100% clear what your relationship brand is and 
2. Is that message of love communicated daily and relentlessly to him/her?

If you need help and/or want ideas on how to develop a relationship marketing campaign for your marriage that creates incredible buzz just give me a call...

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