HMH 003 | "On Stuckness and Getting Unstuckified" with Gary Klein

In this interview with Gary Klein, LCSW and Jonathan Sherman, LMFT talk about  getting unstuck in life with some tips and tricks from the field.

Episode highlights:

  • ;-) Certificates: Abdication of Responsibility, etc.
  • ;-) Triangulation: The Wacky Therapy Game!
  • 3 Rules for Guilt
  • Guilt vs. Shame
  • Brain Mechanics: Our 3 Brains (thinking, emotional, primitive)
  • CBT
  • The frozen locomotive
  • 100K reps
  • We are slow, social learners vs. instinctual knowledge (cp to Pepper’s puppies)
  • The “Comma, Yet...”
  • Drawing: The Box--need to post the picture and insert comment at that point in the audio directing them to the picture.
  • Solution Focus vs. watering the weeds
  • The Umbrella
  • Milton Erickson and the "Pee Pipe" story here.
  • Self worth and self esteem
  • ;-) Certificate of Self-Esteem
  • Thought-stopping
  • ;-) Product: Pee Pipe Kit
  • ;-) Glutton for Punishment Certificate

Referenced Resources: