Teens: Depression, Anxiety & Suicide Prevention





Workshop: Teens: Depression, Anxiety & Suicide Prevention



Good as a friend to be a confidant in so many ways. However. Dangerous secrets should not be kept. Would you rather your friend be mad at you or be dead? Real love protects.


Suffering in Silence


Dispelling Myths of Meds



Counseling and Medication


Q: Do you work with teens?

A: Your suspicion is correct indeed: Yes, teens are my fav group of people to work with!!! I've been working with them for 19 years now beginning at a Youth Services Bureau for troubled teens and gang kids Then I was the Youth Substance Abuse Coordinator for about 10 years with Valley Mental Health where I developed and ran the programs and groups for the court-ordered teen boys and girls. Fun, fun, great kids! While they all were getting in trouble and doing stupid things I never worked with a "bad kid." Loved them all.


All throughout I've worked with teens and their families dealing with behavior problems, substance abuse, mental health (anxiety, depression, suicide, etc), ADHD, school issues, family struggles and abuse issues.


Further, I've taken that experience and at the request of several pros in other fields created a workshop for professionals who work with teens (ie., therapists, CASA workers, Guardian ad Litems, teachers, probation officers, etc) called "Working the System: Motivating and Strategizing with Teens to Achieve the Better Outcomes THEY Want."

http://marriageenvy.com/seminars/working-the-system/ It's a fun one.

So many adults have good intentions, but no clue how to effectively connect with and motivate teens. This workshop is specifically for that. It's fun to see the lights go on in these adults faces as they see how their good intentions, but incorrect knowledge, had created resistance in teens--and how they can turn that all around.  The fun thing about working with "resistant" teens is that in all these years I've never had a "resistant" teen. Once you know how to work with them they can't help but open up and connect—simply because that's what they really do want. They just need well-informed and skilled adults to show them how. I wish every teacher and parent really understood how to work with teens!


I also teach a "Parenting Teens with Love and Logic" workshop/class.


So, yes, if interested there's LOTS of great stuff from almost 20 years specializing in working in the trenches with teens.


As for depression, anxiety, cutting and suicide most teens tend to "suffer in silence" thinking they are "the only one" or "too messed up or "beyond help." Sometimes they'll share with their friends, but will swear them to secrecy (as a side note I tell the youth I work with to never keep dangerous secrets). And even if they are good friends, they don't know what to do or how to advise. Often when their parents do find out they (the parents) usually had no idea and it has been building for many months and even years.  Good parents can miss the signs very easily. The sad news is too many kids needlessly suffer in silence when there is SO much excellent help (and relief!!!) available.


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