Strategies for Stress-Free Living: Increase Your Energy, Concentration & Effectiveness


Strategies for Stress-Free Living: Increase Your Energy, Concentration & Effectiveness

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Author: Dr. V. Clayton Sherman
Length: 5 hours, 19 minutes
Format: Audiobook (mp3)
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By Dr. Clay Sherman, Gold Standard Management


Summary: This audio series covers the whole range of approaches to managing both work and personal life pressures geared towards increasing "your energy, concentration and effectiveness", offering in depth remedies for stress reduction and management.

  • 01 Stress On the Rise: Stress and its related effects are epidemic. Understanding causes helps to begin managing our reactions to it.
  • 02 Strategies for Stress: Examining the basic approaches that are known to work allows us to lay out a plan of attack on the problem.
  • 03 Symptoms of Stress: Understanding the physical and mental symptoms of stress and why these effects are dangerous both to happiness and health.
  • 04 Remedies for Physical Stress: Identifying positive answers to withstanding the effects of stress through better diet, exercise, sleep and other health habits.
  • 05 Mental Stress Remedies: Protecting our mental and psychological selves. Changing how we think and feel produces markedly better results.
  • 06 Stress in the Workplace: The workplace is rated one of the 10 biggest sources of stress. Creating stress free zones and rethinking how people function at work.
  • 07 Relieving Workplace Stress: Dealing with boss and co-worker relationships, time and work pressures.
  • 08 Stress At Home: Why is it that the people we love the most are sometimes our greatest stressors. How to create a mutually supportive relationship and both give and receive assistance with those that matter most.
  • 09 Ways to Relieve Stress: Even further avenues of stress relief.
  • 10 Managing Change: Change can't be avoided, but there are constructive ways to manage it, and to create change that is beneficial.
  • 11 Managing Conflict: How to manage conflict through fighting, withdrawal, compromising, smoothing and problem-solving. Why some approaches work, and how to feel good about your approach after the event.

Length: Approx 6 hours, files are 20-50mb

About the Author Clay Sherman is an educator by training, an executive by experience, and a performer by preference. As Chairman of Management House, Inc., Dr. Sherman is responsible for leadership education and organization development for a client list of over 1,000 organizations, including hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, and emerging growth organizations. His seminars and programs regularly receive top reviews from audiences across the country. Clay's insight and experience with benchmark healthcare management practices are readily apparent in his most recent book, Raising Standards in American Healthcare .

Clay’s advocacy and experience in establishing benchmark healthcare management practices led to his induction in 2004 into the Healthcare Management Hall of Fame.  His books, Creating the New American Hospital, and Raising Standards In American Healthcare successfully established a new management model in the industry.  Clay has special pride in the accomplishments of his clients who have used his precepts to win Top 100 Hospital ranking, ANA Magnet status, Governor’s Gold Cup Awards for Quality, AHA's Great Comebacks Award, and, the ultimate test, achieve customer satisfaction ratings at the 95th percentile and above on national surveys.

Early in Clay's fast track career he became Corporate Director of Human Resources for Upjohn Healthcare Services, where he was responsible for a personnel complement of 70,000. He earned a Doctorate in Management Education at Western Michigan University, and his postdoctoral study at Harvard University's Graduate School of Business Administration was in the area of Managing Organizational Effectiveness. Clay has also studied under Dr. Edwards Deming in London. His background includes sound academics as well as successful matriculation in the University of Hard Knocks.

Founder of Management House, Clay is one of America's most sought after speakers. He's logged more than 2,000,000 air miles, conducts more than 100 programs a year, and has spoken to over half a million of America's leaders. Clay's recorded programs, The Uncommon Leader and Strategies for Stress Free Living, are among the best selling management programs of all time, and his seven management books, including Creating the New American Hospital, and From Losers to Winners, continue to enjoy are in multiple editions and languages. Frequently quoted as an expert on management by radio, television, and print media such as USA Today and US News & World Report, Clay is a sailor, gardener, husband, father, and fan of country music and opera...



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