New Year TRUE You
New Year TRUE You

New Year's Version

New Year: TRUE You

Don't try to be a "new" or "better" you this year—simplify by learning how to just be more you the way you REALLY are. Learn how to shed the junk that never was you and how to be more authentically you.

Every year, you hear some show, article or product promising "New Year, New You." I despise that phrase because there's nothing wrong with the core of you, only the "junk" behaviors or mindsets you've picked up along the way. Instead I advocate: "New Year, TRUE You." Dump the junk that never was you and instead work at being MORE you, authentically YOU this year.

In this presentation you will learn what mindsets and behaviors will help you shed the junk that never was you and practical ways how to bring out more of the real you.

This is an meeting is open to all: Men, women, teenagers to adults.

Regular Version

TRUE You: Owning Self & Banishing Fear

Great for youth groups to help them stop self-defeating thoughts right in their tracks in teens most formative stage of identity development. Perfect for people of all ages to re-calibrate faulty, self-sabotaging thoughts into the accurate and effective thoughts and beliefs about self that help us own what we are destined to be and achieve.

In a dynamic, fun, informative and practical skill-building way, this seminar covers:

  • Knowing Self
  • The Truth vs. The Lie
  • Challenging and Overcoming Fear

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Evaluation Results

I don't filter my evaluation results I give them here as straight as I get them. I figure if you're making the important decision to select the right speaker for your group is it better to just get filtered positive only testimonials about a potential speaker or to know how people respond to the speaker including both those who loved it and didn't? So if someone thought I stunk you'll hear it hear first. Obviously, I don't try to make everyone happy. Part of my utility is to get people out of their comfort zones. If the majority love an approach I use in a seminar I'll continue those items that resonate with most. If the majority hate an approach I'll drop it. If one or two people don't like what the majority love, then I don't give much heed to those critiques, of course. However, I appreciate all feedback, which is one of the reasons my evaluation results are consistently high: My audiences teach me what they like and what works best for them and I listen.


  • 1-10 Rating: "Please rate your overall experience of this presentation"
  • The Good: "What was brilliant, superb, exhilarating, life-altering, or opened the heavens for you? In short, what did you like about the presentation?
  • One Thing: "What's one thing that you plan on using and/or implementing into your life from this presentation?" This tells me out of everything what was the one thing that had the most meaningful impact.
  • The Bad: "What stunk, turned your stomach, gave you a headache, made  you dizzy, or gave you gas? In short, what didn't you like that could be improved and/or what would you like to see covered that wasn't? (Go ahead, I can take it!)"
  • Requested eZine: This is actually also an evaluation measure: You'd think that someone who would give a lower rating didn't like the presentation. However, while it may not have been the favorite for that person, they got enough out of it that they would like to receive emails containing articles, tips, strategies and events on these topics from me.