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The "OUR WAY" Marriage Plan:

Prepare for Your Marriage, Not Just Your Wedding

Start your marriage right!  "Happily Ever After" is great, but what about the 10-year follow-up study? How do we make a great thing last, especially in the face of such daunting divorce statistics? Learn effective ways of making the marriage you're going into the one you dream it will be.

Give the best gifts: the gifts of knowledge, commitment, appreciation, communication and time together. This workshop is designed for pre-marital couples and newly married couples (married less than two years).

Marriage Prep is perfect for engaged and newlywed couples.

What is The “OUR WAY” Marriage Plan?

The “OUR WAY” Marriage Plan is comparable to a building’s blueprint, a football team’s playbook, a movie's script, and a business’ policy and procedure manual. 

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The “OUR WAY” Marriage Plan is comprised of the following 12 areas:

  1. Purpose, Vision, & Mission
  2. Rules & Roles
  3. Communication, Conflict Resolution, & Safety
  4. Love Languages & Operator’s Manuals
  5. Time Together &Time Apart
  6. Sex & Intimacy
  7. Money & Finances
  8. Parenting & Discipline
  9. Extended Family & Friends
  10. Religion & Spirituality
  11. Maintenance, Enhancement, & Romance
  12. Mentoring & Mastery

The “OUR WAY” Marriage Plan is both: 

  1. An all-encompassing view/mindset = "The WHY.” 
  2. As well as a specific conflict resolution strategy with specific strategies for each area = "The WHAT.”

The "OUR WAY" Marriage Plan coaching package is a private training between the couple and myself. In this setting we not only cover the educational aspects outlined above, but also customize the information to the couple's individual strengths, concerns and goals. In this format we can discuss anything they want confidentially and in-depth, which obviously cannot be done in a traditional classroom or workshop setting. Also, we don't waste time covering general information that are not relevant to the specific couple. This allows the time we do spend to be laser-focused and relevant to the couples specific needs.

  • Length: The couple can do more sessions if they like or need to, but six sessions is the minimum. Scheduling is very flexible and can be done locally or anywhere in the world via phone or video. 
  • Cost & Session Structure: Pre-marital counseling is $825 for six sessions (6.5 hours), which includes:
    • One 90-minute assessment session and five 60-minute sessions. As a session package this fee saves $150 off the price of the same sessions purchased separately (normally $975).
    • You will leave with a clearly defined and customized "OUR WAY" Plan covering the 12 key relationship areas outlined above. 
  • Payment Options:
    • When money is an issue (when isn't it?!) I do accept payments over time and I don't charge interest or fees.
    • Many parents and grandparents have purchased The Marriage Prep Package for their children and grandchildren as a wedding gift that keeps giving throughout their entire marriage.
  • Scheduling: You can set up pre-marital counseling as you would schedule a regular appointment by clicking here.

Return on Investment
A Marriage Prep Class is excellent general knowledge. However, The "OUR WAY" Marriage Plan Package is where the investment pays off year after year as they leave with a truly customized, specific plan focused only on making sure that the love they have now will truly last the way they want it. It's like buying marriage insurance. More people do The Marriage Prep Package more than any other service as the ROI value gained from it makes the fee look small in comparison.

What is The "OUR WAY" Marriage Plan based on?

  • 24+ years of experience as a counselor, marriage and family therapist, author, and speaker. 
  • The evidence-based research of John M. Gottman, Ph.D. 
  • The PREPARE/ENRICH Pre-Marital & Marriage Enhancement Approach
  • The larger body of research in marriage and family studies. 

Changed Lives! Clergy & Participant Testimonials

"One of the greatest relational tasks on life’s journey is building a strong family. We are committed to helping you keep those most sacred ties healthy and growing. Learning Jonathan Sherman’s key to relational wholeness will give you the tools to be the best partner, parent, or grandparent you can be, whether you are single or married, with or without children! These foundational skills apply to all core relationships!"
–Rev. Janet Forbes, St. Luke's Methodist Church, in regards to Jonathan Sherman's "Building Strong Marriages & Families with ACCCTS"

"We took your six hour workshop six years ago when we were first married. Six years later we still use what we learned. It's saved our marital-butt many times and has allowed the love we started with to grow stronger and stronger each year."
—Young married couple, first marriage.

Audio Testimonial:

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(1:34min) from her sermon Relationship: The Heart of Ministry Rev. Janet Forbes

Audio Testimonial:

Hear the full audio testimonial
(2:03min) from her sermon Celebrating Hearts for Ministry describing right relationship, trim tab, and Jonathan Sherman

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