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You hear it all the time: "He made me mad," "She made me feel stupid," or "You made me feel..." Apparently everyone makes everyone else. Does anyone make themselves? Well, it's not just word play I'm focusing on here, it's neuro programming. We keep telling ourselves that things and people "make me" feel X, Y or Z and our brains accept that we are powerless in our own lives—that we are passively acted upon and that it's not our role to act. Most people have been allowing, without even realizing it, others to define who they are as a person, man, woman, how their bodies should look, how they should feel about themselves. Yet, none of the top companies allow anyone to define who they are. They define themselves. And they own it... and fiercely so. Do NOT mess with a company's trademarked brand identity or you will be sued. Yet products, not matter how great they are, are nowhere near as important as a person, as you. Yet, few people are clear on their own identities, have adopted whatever identity has been put on them by family or society and stop there. Well, no longer. In this seminar you will learn:

  • To define yourself by your choice, not by what  you've learned nor what you've come to believe about yourself.
  • How the branding and marketing principles and practices of Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nike and Apple relate to how we need to brand and market ourselves, to ourselves, in our own lives.
  • How to make your own personal brand, tagline and logo.
  • How to market this self-brand in a way you'll actually come to believe.
  • How to translate this brand into developing a warm, nurturing, compassionate, friendly and fun relationship with your own self.
  • How to banish not just negative, but abusive self-talk from your life.
  • Content subject to change depending on group dynamics, my personal whims ;-) and time constraints (ie., a 90 minute keynote or a full-day seminar)

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"Fresh ideas on self-image. Inspired me to know which changes I'd like to make in how I perceive and present myself. I am freaking amazing! Thanks!" —Seminar Participant

"I realized tonight that the way I talk to myself is abusive. I would never talk to anyone the way I talk with myself. No more, though. I will quit abusing myself!" —Seminar Participant

"I was so happy for tonight's class. It was so awesome! Taught by Mr. Awesome himself: Jonathan Sherman. I learned a lot and this presentation was so good that I couldn't wait to come home and share what I learned with my husband. Feeling wonderful." —Seminar Participant

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Event: The Chainbreaker Foundation
Date: 1.7.14
Attendance: 40
Number of Evals Returned: 20
Average Rating for this Event: 9.4/10