Rock Therapy: 83 Halloween Songs — Halloween Music Mix

Skip the same old tired Halloween songs. Here's a fresh list (with plenty of old favorites and many fresh ones you likely haven't heard before, too!) Rock your Halloween, friends! Why is this on the Rock Therapy Blog? Three reasons:

1. Holidays and family = bonding, time together and memories. We just love Halloween at our house. And we love music in our house. Put the two together and it gets even better. Halloween is such fun family and community time. Mainly, the kids and I like to work on their costumes for several weeks in advance in preparation of the big night. This translates into a lot of father-kid time, which is what I love the most. And it's great to listen to so many fun, creepy, bizarre, and classic Halloween songs while doing it all.


2. Psychologically, it's healthy to get in touch with what Carl Jung calls "the shadow self" and Halloween is one of those socially accepted ways of doing just that. We all have our good sides and our bad sides. The yin yang. The light and dark sides of the force. While controlling ourselves is healthy, and even advantageous as social creatures, suppressing our full nature is not. So most cultures have developed socially acceptable ways to "let out" that darker side of our natures such as the South American Day of the Dead or our Halloween. By giving ourselves and others a safe place to consciously play around with and connect with our shadow selves those darker tendencies don't need to be "escape" in other less socially acceptable, and even dangerous, ways. We all have the shadow self. That's not the problem. Too often, people just suppress their shadow sides and provide no healthy outlet for it. When suppressed they come out in dreams a lot, as well as emotional reactivity and sabotage in relationships.

3. Is it any surprise that most Halloween songs are rock songs? Most Christmas songs aren't, and rightfully so as that doesn't fit the feel or mood of that season. Rock, however, does fit this holiday perfectly.

HERE'S THE PLAYLIST SO FAR (it keeps growing with everyone's suggestions)... There are many familiar favorites and many I bet you haven't heard yet... Add your favs below...

  1. Toccata & Fugue in D Minor • Johann Sebastian Bach
  2. A Night on Bald Mountain • Leopold Stokowski (Fantasia)
  3. Spooky • Atlanta Rhythm Section
  4. Goodnight Moon • Shivaree
  5. Lil' Red Riding Hood • Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
  6. Lil' Red Riding Hood (cover)
  7. The Ghost Inside • Broken Bells
  8. Dead Man's Party • Oingo Boingo
  9. In The Year 2525 • Zager & Evans
  10. Thriller • Michael Jackson
  11. Little Ghost • The White Stripes
  12. Spiderman • The Cure
  13. Boris the Spider • The Who
  14. Time Warp • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  15. This Is Halloween • Nightmare Before Christmas
  16. Don't Fear The Reaper • Blue Öyster Cult
  17. The Addams Family • (TV Theme Song)
  18. Black Magic Woman • Santana
  19. Witchy Woman • Eagles
  20. Hotel California • Eagles
  21. Running With The Devil • Van Halen
  22. Season Of The Witch • Donovan
  23. Twilight Zone • Golden Earring
  24. Superstition • Stevie Wonder
  25. The Devil Went Down to Georgia • The Charlie Daniels Band
  26. Tribute • Tenacious D
  27. Halloween • The Misfits
  28. A Nightmare on My Street • DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
  29. Somebody's Watching Me • Rockwell
  30. Bela Lugosi's Dead • Bauhaus
  31. Psycho Killer • Talking Heads
  32. Halloween • Siouxsie and the Banshees
  33. Me and the Devil Blues • Robert Johnson
  34. Pet Cemetery • Ramones
  35. Tubular Bells, Part One • Mike Oldfield (you'll recognize the first few minutes of this from The Exorcist)
  36. Halloween • Dave Matthews Band
  37. Zombie • The Cranberries
  38. Haunted • Evanescence
  39. Ghost Town • The Specials
  40. Surfin’ Dead • The Cramps
  41. Halloween Spooks • Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (odd jazz song)
  42. She's a Zombie Now • The Meteors
  43. Among the Dead • Tim Armstrong
  44. Dracula • Gorillaz
  45. People Are Strange • The Doors
  46. Bark at the Moon • Ozzy Osbourne
  47. Frankenstein • New York Dolls
  48. Everyday (Is Halloween) • Ministry
  49. Monster Mash (cover) • The Misfits
  50. Animal • Neon Trees
  51. Over at the Frankenstein Place • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  52. Hell • Squirrel Nut Zippers
  53. Moon Over Bourbon Street • Sting (this song was inspired by Anne Rice’s novel “Interview with the Vampire”)
  54. Grim, Grinning Ghosts • Los Lobos (cover of the Disney Haunted Mansion song)
  55. Halloween • Dead Kennedys
  56. Ride of the Valkyries • Richard Wagner, London Philharmonic Orchestra
  57. Walking with a Ghost • White Stripes
  58. Walking with a Ghost • Tegan and Sara (White Stripes cover)
  59. Abracadabra • Steve Miller Band
  60. Abracadabra (cover) • Sugar Ray
  61. You Can Do Magic • America
  62. Friendly Ghost • Harlem
  63. Wolf Like Me • TV on the Radio
  64. I Put a Spell On You • Screamin' Jay Hawkins
  65. The Zombie Song • Stephanie Mabey
  66. Kiko and the Lavender Moon - Los Lobos...has that Mexican Day of the Dead feel to it.
  67. Halloween on the Barbary Coast - The Flaming Lips
  68. Death Letter • Son House
  69. Death Letter (cover) • White Stripes.
  70. Death or Glory - The Clash.
  71. I am Stretched On Your Grave - Sinead O'Connor.
  72. Murder in the Red Barn - Tom Waits.
  73. The Terror - The Flaming Lips
  74. Faded Coat of Blue - Jolie Holland
  75. Halloween Theme song - John Carpenter
  76. Ghost Rider - Suicide
  77. Angel of Death - Hank Williams Sr.
  78. To Bring You My Love - PJ Harvey
  79. We Are the Dead - David Bowie
  80. Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf edition) - The Pixies
  81. Funeral Home - Daniel Johnston
  82. Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding in My Hand • Elton John
  83. Jack the Ripper • White Stripes
  84. Creepy Doll • Jonathan Coulton
  85. Re Your Brains • Jonathan Coulton