Rock Therapy — "Work It Out" Jurassic 5 (feat. Dave Matthews)

"Work It Out" By Jurassic 5 (feat. Dave Matthews)

[Dave Matthews] Ya don't stop stop your dreamin'
Let yourself float upon the notion
We can work it out, we gon' work it out baby
Go ahead lose yourself inside this opportunity
That we gonna make it right now, make it right now

[Marc 7even]
Hey We live and we learn, we crash and we burn
Right now my only rhyme is this lesson I learned
You talk about trust, I talk about lust It's not appealin'
as you truly speak your feelings
I be lookin' at the ceiling, so concealing
I shoulda put my heart on the table
Knowin' I was good and able but instead I fed ya fables
If I could have you back best believe it'd be forever
Cause each and every day you will hear those four letters


[Chali 2na]
Hey These are different times but we feel the same pains
The blood of mankind's runnin' through the same veins
We'd like to make it right some which it remain tame
Same crimes even though the names changed
And we like different minds workin' off the same brain
Passengers on different cars steppin' off the same train
In the end, makin' it right's the main aim
Different parts of the picture highlight the same frame


Yo Now if you know what I know you need to work it out
If you ain't happy with yourself you need to work it out
You havin' problems with your family then work it out
The things we go through just to work it out
I work it out when the situation seems unworkable
unreversible but God is most merciful
Many works, Many men converse
With soul searches sweat it out when they tryin' to work it out

With the constant complaint, we either gonna make it fly
Or we ain't, I already know what some of ya think
I'ma talk a hip hop and how bad its got
Then tryin' pull a brother, I'm not lookin' for nobody to judge,
you said you ain't I never thought you was

I'm just tryin' get with ya and pose in the same picture
So this mic thing can move the right thing and do the right thing
Made for your life gain, plus my man might sing

The Rock Therapy Principles

Work it out: The "it" here = your dreams, relationships, struggles... whatever is troubling you.

Possibility thinking. "Let yourself float upon the notion: We can work it out."
People often hit the wall where there is no way out--the get discouraged, pessimistic, fatalistic. These mindsets are understandable when life gets hard and it feels like you've exhausted every avenue. I love to teach my clients possibility thinking...  clock and 360 and 360 degrees. One woman felt stuck between crap options in communication with her husband over a repeating conflict point. Together I helped her come up with multiple possible alternative options to see or interact with this conflict. I told her we'd keep coming up with alternatives until one resonated with her and "felt right." We came up with 7-8 additional options beyond her 2 stuck crap options. One resonated with her and she said, "I can do that. I feel better about this now. I can do this." That only took us 10 minutes of session time to teach her about possibility thinking and to generate alternative solutions. 10 minutes. A problem she's felt stuck with for two years took just 10 minutes to get unstuck. Someone once told me that counseling was a waste of time. However, the waste is the years of staying stuck. 10 minutes to unstick 2 years sounds like high efficiency use of time.

Thus, "float upon the notion" that there's a solution.

There is always a solution. Always. "I work it out when the situation seems unworkable, unreversible."
"There is always a solution. Always." Is my mantra for myself and for my clients. Further, it has this corollary: "There is always a solution, ESPECIALLY when it seems like there isn't one."

Opportunity in the midst of crisis. "lose yourself inside this opportunity"

Nothing new under sun and we're all in this together. "These are different times but we feel the same painsThe blood of mankind runnin' through the same veins."
The wise learn from those who have gone before. No need to figure it all out on your own. Yes, you can be independent and self-sufficient and strong, but you can also admit weakness and that you need help. It's wise to know where you're strong and where you're weak. Ask for help. Be open to receiving good counsel from proven sources. You can customize what people give you into your own life your own way. Lean on one another, let them lean on you. Allow yourself to not have all the answers. Allow yourself to be taught. Bottom line: Know when to blaze your own trail and when to ask directions.

Learn from the mistakes of others.
When it comes to relationships you hear many cautionary tales and regretful people saying, "If only I had..." Well, personally, I heard that from lots of people before I was married and thought, "Man, when it comes to my marriage and my kids and I don't want to say, 'If only I had...'. This guy's point: I wasn't focused on the emotions and being real in our relationship and the four letters of L-O-V-E. Instead I was focused on lust, lies, being closed and not listenting." Smart people learn from their mistakes. Wise people learn from other's mistakes.