Rock Therapy: #ChalkBus Cruisin' Playlist with Molly & Her Friends

These are some of my daughter Molly and her friends and cousin's fav songs while they hang out, talk, laugh and dance in the #ChalkBus while we cruise the main streets of all the towns in Northern UTah COunty (from Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, Lehi, American Fork, Pleasant Grove to Lindon and back). We call it the #ChalkBus NUTCO Tour. These are all songs that dare you NOT to move your groove thang to—physically impossible not to!

Just cruisin' in a old hippie bus with your best friends rocking out to some funky jams is some pretty dang good therapy. And being the Dad and Uncle who gets to drive them around and listen to their silliness and watch their antics in the rear view mirror is great therapy for me, too. Keeps me laughing! I'm proud to have been able to turn these young-uns on to some great old toons: rock, disco, funk, and boogie. And they've introduced me to some cool new music, too.

One night they couldn't contain the groove to the confinement of the #ChalkBus and had to get out and boogie! ...right there in the parking lot!