Rock Therapy: 40 Summer Driving Jams with Vids

Here's the Summer Driving Jams playlist with vids. Thx all for the suggestions. 

Feel good, toe-tapping, get your body moving summer jams are just good, plain old therapy which makes juices your brain with positive neurochemistry. And that's some good Rock Therapy. 

Hey BFF's (Best Facebook Friends),

Thanks for your input. I took some of your suggestions and left a few off... for now. There are SO many great summer songs. This list is for road-tripping up to Bear Lake, ID with my 16 year old son. There are a lot of chill summer songs I left off. These are a bit more pumped up. My musical tastes run pretty eclectic. Not all of these are related to summer, but have the fun, upbeat sound of freedom I associate with driving and a whole lotta nothing to do.

Here's my playlist... What do you think? What did I miss?

Summertime • DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (Will Smith)
One of the all-time best summer jams with a great music vid. 


What Is Love • Haddaway
The song from the movie A Night at the Roxbury, with Will Ferrel and Chris Catan. One of my guilty pleasure movies. This link shows these two goofballs in fine form:

Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland • The B-52's
Go Kate. What a voice!


I Gotta Feeling • Black Eyed Peas
I've been a BEP fan well before my kids ever listened to them, and before they were popular. I'm quite the early adopter and trend setter and hep-cat I must say... ;-)


Hey, Soul Sister • Train
I got to explain to my kids the "Mister Mister" reference in the song. 


Walkie Talkie Man • Steriogram
Wow! What a cool song! Finally yarn rocks!


Runnin' Down a Dream • Tom Petty
This is the ultimate driving song for me. Love Tom Petty. Got to see him and Bob Dylan play together in an outdoor concert w/ my bro and dad in MI. Wow.


Hot Rod Lincoln • Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
Just a great hot rod song played so well.


Low Rider • War
But of course...


Synchronicity I • The Police
My son and his friends love The Police. Great taste. This whole album was fantastic. 


High School Never Ends • Bowling For Soup
No doubt. Funny and sadly accurate song.


Extreme Ways • Moby
The song from the Bourne movies. Great movies and books. 


A Little Less Conversation • Elvis Presley
One of my fav Elvis songs. The only one of his my wife actually likes. 

The first is the original studio version: 

The second is a visually fun remix: 


New Divide • Linkin Park
Great toon. Made famous as the song from Transformers.


Pork and Beans • Weezer
Clever, fun band. The vid is all nods to YouTube phenoms and fun to watch.


Baracuda • Heart
Oooh, yeah. Rockin' girls rockin' out and breaking stereotypes.


Put Your Records On • Corinne Bailey Rae
Okay, most of these are fast paced songs, but she is just too chill and too cool to not include.a I also appreciate the Bob Marley reference in the first line. 


We're Going to Be Friends • The White Stripes
One of my top 10 fav bands of all time. Wow—diverse, talented, not easily defined. This is the tune from the intro to Napoleon Dynamite. The White Stripes are notoriously non-commercial. I only know three commercial aspects they've allowed their songs to be used: Napoleon Dynamite, The Simpsons, and they had Conan guest in one of their vids. 


Maria Maria • Santana ft The Product G&B
Smooth and cool Santana.


Smooth • Santana f Rob Thomas
More smooth (yes) from a great album.


Say Hey (I Love You) • Michael Franti and Spearhead
Just a fun catchy summer song. 


Burning Down The House • Talking Heads
Talking Heads definitely reminds me of high school summers. I think I wore this tape out. 


Take Me To The River • Talking Heads
Same here. Every version of this song is a great one. The Al Green original is awesome. 


Dance This Mess Around • The B-52's
Such a fun, wonderfully bizarre song. One of my wife's and my favs ever since we met. "Why won't you dance with me? I'm not no Limburger!" I mean, c'mon!

The first vid is the album version.

The second is an early vid from 1978 of this song. Innovative and very counter-mainstream for that time!

52 Girls • The B-52's
Again. Great. Fun. As popular as the B-52's became I don't think people fully appreciate how innovative they were. Maybe they do. Anyway, their early stuff still amazes me and entertains thoroughly.

Early rough version (fun to see their early work): 

Ramble On • Led Zeppelin
Bow to the masters. Both chill and rockin. Add Tolkein references and I'm in! I can both rock out and geek out at the same time? I am in heaven!


I've Been Everywhere • Johnny Cash
Fun, clever classic Cash. Great sing along song. 


More Than A Feeling • Boston
Needs no explanation. 


If You Don't, Don't • Jimmy Eat World
I was introduced to Jimmy Eat World from the pop song The Middle. Loved the whole album. This is a great song. 


September • Earth Wind and Fire
Oh yeah, just the best of the what the 70's had to offer. 


Dancing Queen • ABBA
Always one of the best. It's somehow hard to tire of this song. 


Take Your Mama Out • Scissor Sisters
Came across this group and this song by accident. I absolutely love it. 


Panama • Van Halen
My bro arranged for my sister and I and he to all go to the 1984 concert together. Now that's a good brother! One of the best concerts I've ever been to. They sure put on a great show and what a great album.


In The Year 2525 • Zager & Evans
A bizarre, but mesmerizing sci-fi song from '69 that made them a one-hit wonder. 

This Afternoon • Nickelback
This is a new song to me. I'll have to try it out and see how much I like it. But it made the list.


All Summer Long • Kid Rock
One of my wife's newer favs. Has a nice nod to Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama in it. I like this song a lot, but otherwise not a Kid Rock fan. 


Steve McQueen • Sheryl Crow
Great driving song. 


Crazy Little Thing Called Love • Dwight Yoakam
Surprisingly awesome and extremely well-done cover of the Queen classic done in a way that paid due homage to the original while totally owning it as his own. 
Couldn't find a decent version on YouTube.


Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) • Mika
Mika's an interesting guy. Truly has his own style, but with a clear nod to Queen. This song is just fun. 


Edge Of Seventeen • Stevie Nicks
One of the BEST songs EVER. Period.


What do you think? What did I miss?