This area is a supplement to my parenting CDs, "Parent Training Course" and upcoming book.  Anywhere in the book where you see the graphic to the right, this is where you can come to find that content. New content is continually added so check back from time to time. 

Articles & Handouts

"Parenting with Love and Logic" Handouts.
The Love & Logic™ people made these 9 superb parenting handouts available as freebies for anyone. Visit more about the excellent Parenting with Love and Logic approach and books. 

Visit The GREAT Relationships Blog  for MANY MORE FREE parenting tips, advice, Q&As, strategies and ideas.

Parenting Blog Articles

Even more parenting blog articles here >>


Video: The Parenting Interview Series

Eight videos of a Q&A interviewing Jonathan on various parenting topics. 

Parenting Songs

Jonathan's hand-picked music collection of songs that highlight the best (and worst) of what it means to be a parent. Songs of encouragement and cautionary tales.

YouTube or Spotifiy Playlists (make from my iTunes playlists)

  • Papa Songs
  • Mama Songs

Blog sections with music (vid or audio), lyrics and commentary: 


The Council of Dads

Visit their site and read about this father diagnosed with cancer, Bruce Feiler, and how he brought together six of his closest male friends who would be his daughter's fathers/mentors after he passed. He called them The Council of Dads.  Great ideas here for all fathers who love their kids just as much. Watch Bruce's TED Talk describing how he organized The Council of Dads: 

Parenting Articles by Other Authors

  • Disciplining Your Child: A Developmental Guide by Age
  • Nine Steps to More Effective Parenting
  • Backtalk
  • Fatherhood Is Sacred by Sean Brotherson

Upload these after I organize them all... and add more to this... 

Parenting Humor

Enjoy this collection of parenting-related humor I've collected over the  years that I use in my various parenting and family-related workshops. 

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Cheerios #HowToDad Commercial

After decades of depicting dads (and parents) as inept on TV, Cheerios nails it with a great father. To all you dads who wear the title "Dad" as a badge of honor: This one's for you! 

Building Strong Families with "A-TRIPLE C-T-S" Series

I have a series of articles based off my popular workshop of the same name. 

Party Ideas

Over the years we've had lots of fun parties: Birthday parties, end of school parties, late-night kids just hanging out parties, etc. Maybe some of our ideas will inspire you for your own fun parties with your kids and their friends. 

  • Jedi Academy & Light Saber Building Party
  • Food Fight Party
  • Swim Party
  • Space Center
  • Laser Tag
  • Christmas Tree Bonfire
  • School's Over Bonfire
  • Look through google docs, HD and awesome note for ideas... 

Foam Sword/Light Saber Tutorial

Making the best play sword ever is super easy. These are the best because you and your kids can whack the heck out of each other safely, they are durable and super fun.

Recommended Reading for Parents





You don't need to go look all of these up yourself. You can browse my Recommended Reading for Parents list here:

Hear some Sherman Family captured moments...

Be prepared for silliness. If you're expecting a composed, seriously-minded and dignified relationship guru you will be sorely disappointed. If, instead, you like been a goofball with your kids like I do then you'll feel right at home with us. Welcome to the family...

  • Pep Songs
  • Kara Songs--we did this for her 40th bday... 
  • Kara's Star Wars Theme Song vid 
  • Etc...

"7 Ways to Honor Mothers" eBook

This beautiful free eBook features 7 strategies to honor mothers along with timeless mother and child artwork of Mary Cassatt and hundreds of quotes honoring mothers.

The Parenting Masters

Jonathan's collection of great examples of real-life parenting from all-over. These folks have inspired me in my own parenting. 

The GREAT Dads:

The "Dress Up Dad" story and Wave at the Bus website. In short, this local father dressed up in a different costume every school day for several years to embarrass his teenage son. His son took it all in stride, and now as an adult knows without a doubt he had no ordinary dad, but a dad who loved him that much to devote some serious long-term silliness for his sake. Talk about making memories and creating a GREAT Relationship Brand!

Team Hoyt: 

Garbageman Dad

JRR Tolkein: The Father Christmas Letters

Every December an envelope bearing a stamp from the North Pole would arrive for J.R.R. Tolkien’s children. Inside would be a letter in a strange, spidery handwriting and a beautiful colored drawing or painting. The letters were from Father Christmas.

Tolkien and his wife were both orphans growing up. When the married they decided their children would have extra special childhoods since they didn't. And they did. 

Hear his son, John Tolkien, talk about:

Dad Life 

Funny vid celebrating dads proud to be dads. This is where my daugthy and wife got the phrase about my "dozens of dollars..." Be sure you watch this bunch of dad's pseudo-rapping about being dads... sounds cheesy, I know. It's not. It actually works and is hilarious.