The Work-Home Connection:

Relationships at Work Affect Relationships at Home and Vice-versa. I am a consultant and trainer for Five Degrees Consulting. Five Degrees is the premier firm for leadership development, employee engagement, emotional intelligence (EQ) and communication skills in the workplace. I  have worked with the amazing people on this team for years. I can say without hesitation that this is the most incredible group of organizational development trainers and consultants I have ever known. Their trainings are out-of-the box, fun, unexpected and transformative. They don't do big hype one-day motivational "transformations." Theses are true change agents. So if you're looking to develop your organization, train up your leadership from within, experience some serious ROI, retain the best and fully engage the rest then this is the team you want. And what's more, if you know me you know what I bring to the table. You can request me as a consultant/trainer for any project you and Five Degrees are working on together.  Visit their site for their full offerings and contact them today.

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