Donates Time & Resources to American Fork High School's "Be the Change" Club

Be the Change is American Fork High School's (AFHS) newest club. The organizers and club advisers Kara Allen, Michelle Walker and Amber Duncan, teachers at AFHS, stated, "Be the change focuses on helping students feel included and loved. In a school as big as AFHS, it is easy to feel alone among 2,000 students. Be the change works to help students see that they aren't alone, that they can reach out and find people who understand them."

The name of the club comes from Gandhi's admonition that, "We must be the change we wish to see in the world."

Jonathan Sherman, owner of, and his wife Kara have donated time in acting as a small group facilitator in Be the Change Day student events as well as an undisclosed financial donation to help fund Be the Change events.

Jonathan's daughter got involved in the Be the Change Club and has found it greatly beneficial. She invited him and her mother to volunteer at Be the Change activities. 

One student member of Be the Change shared her feelings about the club:

"Be the Change has changed my life incredibly. It has always been really hard for me to talk to people at school and to even think about doing things after school. Then one day in my English class this girl came up to me and said, "You should come to the Be the Change meeting today." I had to so something else after school, but when I found out that it wasn't going on, I went to the Be the Change meeting. And that's where it all started.

"Ever since then I have loved this club. Here I am making friends and being involved in things. I have started to love people that I never thought I would. It has been making me understand life more than before. There is nothing bad about Be the Change. Not one single thing."