New Company Hosts Dating Seminar in OSH


Finding your true love can be tough. Finding your true love on a campus the size of the U can sometimes be even tougher. Luckily, there’s an app for that.

Moxie Mix is an online site devised by Devin Thorne that aims to help people connect in the busy world we live in. It has been around for less than a month and Thorne hosted a dating seminar in OSH Friday night to introduce his company and give students some dating tips from Jonathan Sherman, LMFT, relationship expert of over 20 years.

“A lot of times people in the dating pool don’t think that it’s a great dating pool they think it’s more of a stinking bog and there just aren’t a lot of good folks out there, or at least it feels that way. So a lot of people feel like they have to settle for the best of the worst that they can find. Whereas tonight’s presentation is to learn how to attract the best of the best,” Sherman said.

A user pays for a subscription online and buys business-like cards that has a special identification number for that individual. The user then gives the card to a person that they want to connect with but do not have time to stop for a conversation, such as people walking to and from class or getting on and off public transit.

The card recipient, if interested in the card giver, goes to the Moxie Mix website and enters the ID number on the website to view their profile and start a conversation.

In addition to the presentation, Moxie Mix gave away prizes such as cash, gift cards and free subscriptions to his website. There was also a break dance crew that performed to the audience.

Thorne said that while he would have liked a better showing, he is excited to see how his company grows.

“Every great business starts somewhere. We’re going to bring it 100 percent. We’re putting on a great show for the people that are there. If one person here has a great marriage, then it’s totally worth it. This was our inaugural event. This is completely fine and we’ll learn from this and move forward,” Thorne said.

For the students that did attend the seminar was useful to them.

“I’m really liking it. It’s informative but it’s better than how other people would portray it. It’s breaking it down in a way that helps a lot more than others might,” said Bodie Archer, a freshman in business administration.

Thorne says this dating seminar is one of many that he is planning on presenting on college campuses around the country and that he is contemplating scheduling another one at the U sometime in the spring.