This is a group of area colleagues (behavioral healthcare professionals) who meet monthly to network, provide consultation and peer supervision to each other. We are by no means an exclusive group. If you’d like to join us just give me a buzz.

What are the purposes of our networking group?

  1. Networking opportunities for cross-referrals and keeping each other informed of each others' services, workshops, etc.
  2. Develop a peer supervision group to prevent those of us in private practice from getting too insulated, as well as to share case study successes and get ideas for difficult cases from each other.
  3. Sharing private practice building tips and strategies.
  4. Having a good time with great people while having lunch.


(& area folks I trust referring to...) In the Salt Lake and Utah County, UT area (in alphabetical order) Keven Downs, LCSW 801.787.7735 • keven.downs@gmail.com www.successfultherapy.net Also works at Heritage School in Provo Specialities:
  • Adolescents
  • Couples
  • Adults
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Martin J. Erickson, PhD Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Individual, Couple/Marital, and Family Therapy Alliance Behavioral Psychology 363 East 1200 South, Suite 201 Orem, UT  84058 work: 801-224-2313 ext. 8 fax: 801-224-4475 mobile: 801-836-1846 www.alliancebehavioral.com Specialities: “I specialize in helping individuals, couples, and families. I help people come to know themselves, accept themselves, make positive changes in their lives, and foster healthy, fulfilling relationships with others.” Individuals
  • Behavioral addictions/compulsions
    • Pornography/Sexual addictions and compulsions
    • Media addictions/compulsions
    • Eating issues/disorders and body image issues (women and men)
  • Men’s issues (emotional awareness, identity, masculinity, relationships/marriage, fathering, vocation/career, accountability, anger, violence/abuse issues)
  • Single adult issues (relationships, life passions, vocation/career)
  • Issues related to Religion and Spirituality: (in general and particularly LDS culture and LDS members who are questioning)
  • Issues related to the effects of Abuse and Trauma
  • Couple/Marital therapy: communication, conflict, emotional intimacy, sexual issues, parenting, divorce, religion/spirituality issues, etc.
  • Premarital therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Cultural sensitivity and responsiveness. Personal and relationship issues related to prejudice or discrimination according to race, gender, class, sexual preference, age, etc. Issues of social justice.
Clinical Orientation: "My work focuses on a compassionate, strength-based, collaborative, culturally responsive approach to helping. I encourage and use mindfulness meditation practices often. My work is influenced by:
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Mark Mauzy, LMFT, Ph.D. (ABD) (pronounced “maw-zee”) 801.477.4460 470 N. University, #101 Provo, UT mark@markmauzy.com www.markmauzy.com Specialities:
  • Couples
  • Behavioral addiction
  • Some business consulting.
  • Same-sex attraction (if unwanted by client, that is)
[divider] [/divider] Susan Reynolds, LPC 286 S. 600 E., Ste C Provo, UT 84606 susanreynoldslpc@gmail.com Specialities:
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Women’s issues
  • PTSD
  • Depression and anxiety disorders
[divider] [/divider] Lori Schade, LMFT (pronounced “skaddy”) 801.995.2165 • lkschade@gmail.com Specialities:
  • Emotionally-focused Couples Therapy (EFT) certified
  • Couples therapy
  • Clientele consists of various marital, family, individual and mental health challenges.
[divider] [/divider] Carol Storey, LCSW 801.231.3003 • cstorey (at) hotmail.com Salt Lake City, UT www.familyltherapy-mediation.com Specialities:
  • Individual, child and family therapy.
  • Custody evaluations
  • Parent coordination
  • Collaborative law: Divorce coaching and child specialist
[divider] [/divider] Ernie Taylor, LCSW 801.787.8291 • 801.226.4633 • evataylor6@hotmail.com Pleasant Grove, UT Private practice Also works at Heritage School in Provo Specialities:
  • Adolescents and adults.
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There are others I refer to as well, so if you don’t see someone here that’s in your area just give me a holler and I’ll help you get connected with someone great in your area. These folks aren’t in this particular networking group, but I would trust them with my own friends and family and refer to them frequently with that level of confidence:
  • Marlo Bennett, LMFT, Park City, UT
  • Merrilee Buchanan, LCSW
  • Clare Coonan, LCSW
  • Amy Fehlberg, Ph.D., Park City, UT
  • Katherine Hoggan, LPC, Park City, UT
  • Gary Klein, LCSW, Park City, UT
  • Kevin Kloosterman, LMFT, IL
  • Rich Robinson, LCSW, SLC, UT
  • Jason J. Williams, LMFT, Northern Utah
  • And many more...