DEEP Listening and Creating an "OUR WAY" Plan. NEW VID! in the Parenting Interview Series: 5 of 8

NEW VID in the Parenting Interview Series 5 of 8 A series of eight video parenting Q&A's with Ben Anderson, Interim President of UHEA, and myself that we did in preparation for the 2013 Utah Home Education Association (UHEA) Conference this June 14-15  where I'll be presenting the following three workshops:

  •  Mastering Stress & Other Strong Emotions
  •  Study SMARTER, Not Harder: Strategies for Effective Learning
  •  Communication: The DEEP Listening Solution

You don't have to be a home-schooler to benefit from these workshops—and you can't beat the price—only $35/individual, $45/couple for a two-day conference! Register here.

1. Appreciating a Strong-Willed Child

2. How Do I Know If I'm Being a Good Parent?

3. How Do You Create and Sustain a Healthy Family Culture?

4. How Do I Overcome Self-Doubt as a Parent?

5. DEEP Listening and Creating an "OUR WAY" Plan


6. Adapting Your Teaching to Your Children's Needs

7. Creating Habits of Family Unity

8. Creating a Family Culture of Appreciation

Vids 5-8 will be posted every few days prior to the conference. Stay tuned.