New Biz Cards and Branding

Readers: What do you think? I've been slowly re-tooling my brand from "Bardos Relationship Consulting" to both "" and the "rel8gr8" logo. Why? Bardos is a wonderful concept but most people didn't know its meaning (Tibetan Buddhist term signifying among other amazing things "a powerful opportunity for change") and thought it was either my last name or that I worked for someone else. Obviously, clarifies that and "rel8gr8" or "Relate Great" clarifies without confusion or "mystical" intimations what my work is all about: "Creating greatness in relationships—Nothing less."

Also, I've always appreciated minimalist design for it's cleanness and ability to stand well on it's own with little to no explanation (i.e., Apple and Target are two favorite brands that do this well.) So, I wanted a logo that explained all that I do in bold but simple and eye-catching way. Rel8Gr8 is more of a tagline than the name of my business, but it's simple to remember as will the corresponding website be easy to remember and thus find.

Why do I care about all of this? Well, I love design, marketing, branding and advertising and am always impressed when it's done right and cringe when it's not. My brand, and related aspects (ie., this blog and websites), have needed both restructuring and face-lifts for some time.

Note to potential printer: Here's the idea for new biz card and the die cut that would be needed. It would be same size of standard biz card with the top area cut out. Make sense? Thanks. J

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