Marriage in the Coliseum

I'm sure by now many of you have seen this clip from the show The Moment of Truth with Lauren Cleri.

Just another sad example of how careless and hapless people can be with marriage.

Oh, and I'm not just talking about the woman in this clip and I'm not just talking about this show. I'm talking about us. About our society. About you and me. How many watch this show, and shows like it, for sport? Big ratings and big money!

For sport we watch and we cheer for human suffering!

Oh, yes, we are SO much more civilized than the ancient Romans who for entertainment watched with glee as people were killed and tortured for sport in the Coliseum. Listen to the thoughtless crowd thirsting for blood as they cheer the destruction of this marriage and these people's lives. Yea! Hoorah! We truly are an "advanced" civilization. How proud I feel.

Not only are social supports for marriage NOT around, but now there are socially-sanctioned entertainments designed to do just the opposite. Pa-thet-ic.


Watch the clip again but this time pay attention to the audience. More importantly, pay attention to your own reactions.... What do your reactions say? How engrossed were you in the marital and societal train wreck? Did you cheer?

The kicker for me is the host who ends with the "moral" lesson: "I honestly believe that some truths are better left unsaid...that's why I host this abysmally and morally bankrupt show so I can both say one thing and mean another." Brother!

So what say you? Comment below...

Peace, Jonathan

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