"Execution of the Cheater" Pledge to Honor Your Relationship


I am personally and professionally recommending this song and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ExecutionOfTheCheater and the artist's page https://www.facebook.com/SEVEN2LIFE. I reached out to him and we had a good conversation about the importance of this song in his life personally. He gave me permission to share it here. 

This meaningful rap is from Mr. Cordan Haveron aka "The Gentleman of Hip Hop." It's not easy to own up to the wreckage that cheating/infidelity/affairs causes, instead, too often it is glorified as justifiable, normal, fun and exciting. Give it a listen...

For years I have said that relationships will no longer tolerate sloppiness nor carelessness. Cheating is short-lived enjoyment that destroys too much. It's like burning down a cathedral just to fry an egg. It's time to "execute cheating" and put an end to cheating. I know we can't eradicate cheating from the world, but YOU can choose. It's time to take a stand and PLEDGE TO HONOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP. Honor used to mean something. It still can. Be a man of honor. Be a woman of honor. There is glory in honor. Let's bring honor back. Listen to this song and like this page.

I have made this pledge already day one when I made my covenants with my queen. I honor my pledge to this day.

Peace, J

Enjoy Seven2Life's song and message...

[Woman's voice: "What is wrong with you?! I gave you everything! I loved you and you broke me. What kind of a man does that?! I'm done. I'm done."]

And they say
Once a cheater always
It's a shame
Played you like ball game
Who's to blame
When dirt's thrown on the flame
Things may never change
You swear that they are all the same
Execution of the cheater
The cheater (6x) Execution of the cheater

One time for the walk of life
My hustle, struggle, and fight
Put in work, earn my stripes
[Execution of the cheater]

One with the gods, name's Hercules
But I'm just a man, still surfacing
Then I seen this perfect queen 34-26 working jeans
Conflict of interest, work with me
[Execution of the cheater]

Lemme air it out,
Wife at home that I care about
Lil' bit of lust in the air right now
Lil' bit of trust, can't compare right now
Lil' bit of us, let's tear it down
Lil' bit of luck, that she won't find out
That she won't find out
[Execution of the cheater]

Trust but verify
This is scary I
Killed love by initiation
Let's be real it was imitation
And to think it was just us 3
And to think that you trust trust me
Once upon a time but not long ago
I understand that u gotta go
You did your best like the honor roll
And I flunked it n I dropped out
And to say that I'm sorry is a cop out
Put the metal to my head and just rocked out


[Woman's voice: "(?) I' can't believe you'd do this. How could you?"]

Now it's a face off
No tellin' what the case costs
America! was it all a dream
I mean what is a king without a queen
Let's see, what that look like dude
United as one, divided by who
Sprinkle on lust then it's 2 times one
You left she left, I am the sum
I'm pleading my case like that ain't my gun
Like that ain't my gun
But it is my gun
[Execution of the cheater]

Cheating is in season
The latest fashion
If Love is war
Salute to those who made it past it
Blinded by passions
No excuses
Attachment issues
I be on my eat cake too-ish
but karma's knockin
Mark of the beast
Ain't nothing like a woman's scorn until she cheats
I'm still young but it gets old
What a f---ed up rough tough tattered soul
KIA, doesn't matter though
Truth be told, shame on me
Execution of the cheater
And the aims on me


[Woman's voice: "...(?)... I' can't believe this sh--! (?) You vowed...(?) I gave you seven years of my f---ing life... I can't believe...(?) I'm so f----- hurt. You could've at least come home and talked to me and been a f---ing man instead of running around with a...(?) lame-a-- female. I'm done."]

See the background of the Execution of the Cheater song as explained by the singer, Seven2Life who tells the story of this song, which is autobiographical. Owns the wrongs of his past and shares how he's become a man of honor and a gentleman now. He shares how this song is a protest against the songs today that glorify cheating.Way to put himself out there, own his past and make a better life based in honor. I salute him.