Real-life sassy super hero saves two kids while munching Ritz Crackers.


My friend shared this recent experience on Facebook. She said I could re-post it here so long as I used her writing pseudonym "C Streetlights" as she's not seeking attention for what she did, though she did get a lot of positive feedback. She responded to all the kudos she received saying, "All of you are very encouraging and lovely, thank you. Those of you who know me best know I cringe at attention. I want most of all to share this in hopes of raising awareness that we are all more empowered than we know to teach boys to not rape."


So here's her story:

By C Streetlights

Here's the thing, young lady friends and young men who escort them places:

I am in Salt Lake City at the moment and just got back to my room from raiding the gift shop for snacks. (A different story.) Some sort of party or other is over with and I am walking behind a young lady who is wasted and can't walk without help by her date. They are very young. Obviously underage but out of high school they are headed to their room. 
This guy is getting all sorts of high fives from his friends on his way to the elevator and reminders to use protection while this date can't stand up straight.

I'm walking behind them eating Ritz Crackers all the way into the elevator. They're not getting off on my floor but I follow them off their floor until he finally asks what I'm doing. I tell him "I'm eating crackers, what are you doing?" He gets uncomfortable. So I continue, "Let me tell you what I think you're doing. I think you're going to take your date in that room and have sex with her when you know she can't consent to it and guess what? That's rape." He didn't even get mad. He looked relieved. I told him to go put her to bed and I would wait for him in the hall. Then we went downstairs and I told off his friends. 

Now I'm back in my room eating my crackers.

So young men, don't encourage your friends to rape girls. And don't be afraid to stand up to each other to say that's not ok. And young women, watch out for each other. This gal was wearing ugly shoes. And friends should have each other's backs.