Clergy: Please, Kick the Tires—Shopping Around for the Right Professional Makes All the Difference

Selecting the Right Professional  Makes All the Difference

Selecting a therapist is a careful process. I train clients, clergy and colleagues on the importance of getting connected with the right therapist for the job. I recommend carefully and prayerfully “shopping around” for the right person. What do you look for? Three things indicate successful counseling:

  1. Therapist’s training, background, experience and expertise;
  2. Client’s willingness and motivation;
  3. The relationship “fit” between client and therapist.

If I’m the right person to work with great. If not, I’m always happy to help your members get connected with other qualified professionals I trust that may serve their needs better.

Know who you’re working with (i.e., “kick the tires”)

You have every right to know as much as possible about the professional you refer to. Browse my site. You can read my professional vita at Call me and ask me whatever you’d like to know about my background, the approaches, methods and processes used or just about me personally.