26th Anniversary Logo & 26 Love Songs

1. The Anniversary Logo

26th anniversary logo purple.png
On REAR WINDOW of kara's car

On REAR WINDOW of kara's car

On the rear window of the #chalkBus

On the rear window of the #chalkBus

Each year I design a different logo for our anniversary (see my workshop on relationship branding ("Creating Our GREAT Relationship Brand") each the the consistent branding of the "I love Kara" and with a different stylization of the number of years we've been married. This year is...

26 years...

  • 26 letters in the alphabet.
  • 26  alphabet blocks. And yes, all 26 letters are used once in the logo above.
  • Every love letter I still have was written from these 26 letters.
  • Every one of our favorite romantic movies we watched when we were first falling in love was scripted using these 26 letters.
  • The lyrics of every favorite love song was written from this alphabet. The notes and chords, too.
  • Every book we’ve enjoyed together (from the profound books of our shared faith that unite us, to Tolkien, Austen, Lamour, and Sedaris) were penned with just these 26 letters.
  • 26 letters make up all of the many recipe books that have inspired not only tasty food from Kara, but more importantly the connections, bonds, and memories our family shares around that food.
  • 26 letters composed the many task lists that have helped us accomplish so much together and for each other.
  • The silly things we say to make each other laugh.... again, 26 alphabet letters. 

I didn’t realize until I made this year’s anniversary logo how much the alphabet had been a crucial part of our relationship and love story. These building blocks are the perfect metaphor. Our relationship has been built from them. Our friendship and our marriage is made up of letters that created the words, laughter, promises, vows, and even the unpleasant fights (that we thankfully learned to move past, change behaviors, forgive, and do better). All of these words are backed up by the foundation of committed behavior tempered by time... 26 years of time to be exact. 

  • And in the logo, there's a hidden love note in the number 6:
    JQN (Jon)
    LUVES (loves)
    KARUH (Kara)
    X (kiss)



2. The Anniversary Playlist

One thing, I also still do is woo and romance my wife. One way is through music. For years for anniversaries and Mother's Day I would make her CD's of meaningful songs. You can see a long collection of these playlists and individual songs with love letters and GREAT Relationship™ principles at The 52 Love Songs Project blog

Throughout the year I collect love songs specifically for our next anniversary. I especially prefer love songs that speak to commitment, dedication and behavioral love, not just romantic or feeling-based love. 

So if you're a romantic sap, like me, then enjoy these gems—some old, some new, some popular, some obscure. And if you like these, look for my prior years' playlists for many, many more. 



1. 4th and Vine, by Sinead O'Connor

2. No Man's Woman, by Sinead O'Connor
Kara's her own girl. The way it should be and the way I like it. I like the point of this song. Yet, Kara let's me call her my woman and I'm certainly her man. I think I fit the bill of the "loving man" she sings of in the second half of the song, which I take pride in that kind of man. 

3. Tennessee Whiskey, by Chris Stapleton

4. Best I Can, by Michael Cera (feat. Sharon Van Etten)

5. It's Like, by Marty Ray Project

6. Come and Get It, by Eli "Paperboy" Reed

7. Night After Night, by Lenny and The Squigtones
Because funny! And we grew up on Laverne and Shirley.

8. Lava, from Lava Disney movie short

9. When You're Screwin' Other Women (Think of Me), by Doyle and Debbie) 
Why? This one is just silly and fun. We like old country music and this pokes fun at that genre perfectly. 

10. Time and Tide, by Basia

11. Steamroller Blues, by James Taylor

12. Come Rain or Come Shine, by Ray Charles

13. (You're) Timeless To Me, by Christopher Walken and John Travolta, Hairspray Soundtrack

14. Let's Stick Together, by Bryan Ferry

15. I'm Your Moon, by Jonathan Coulton
Science geek love...

16. The Science Love Song, by AsapScience
Science nerd love..

17. Check Yes or No, by George Strait

18. When You Are Old and Gray, by Tom Lehrer

19. I'd Love Making Love to You, by Leonard Nimoy
Because nothing is more romantic than Spock. 

20. My Baby Just Cares for Me, by Nina Simone

21. Be My Husband, by Nina Simone

22. Be-Bop-A-Lula, by Gene Vincent
Because rockabilly = best.

23. Waiting for a Girl Like You, by Foreigner

24. Wherever You Will Go, by The Calling

25. Mess is MIne, by Vance Joy

26. I'm Your Man, by Richard Hell


3. Our Anniversary Getaway