25th Anniversary Logo & 42 Love Songs

1. The Anniversary Logo

25 Years!!! That's a quarter of a century! It's our Silver Anniversary! Woo hoo! And not only that, we've not only been married for 25 years, we've been friends for three decades now! And THAT is where it's at.

25 years in and...

  • we still make each other laugh....
  • we still like to be with each other...
  • we still support each other's interests...
  • we still believe in each other...
  • we still hold hands...
  • we still date...
  • we still kiss..
  • we are still kind to each other...
  • we are still thoughtful... 
  • we still try...
  • we still care...
  • and and we still just love each other.


There is great value in that simple word: "still." I like word meanings and origins, so I looked at some of the definitions and descriptions of the words "still" that fit well for where are now 25 years into our marriage:

  • not moving
  • unmoving
  • undisturbed
  • calm and tranquil.
  • even
  • deep silence and calm
  • even now as formerly
  • referring to something that will or may happen in the future.
  • nevertheless
  • all the same
  • regardless
  • notwithstanding
  • in any event
  • make or become still; quieten
  • be fixed, stand


2. The Anniversary Playlist

One thing, I also still do is woo and romance my wife. One way is through music. For years for anniversaries and Mother's Day I would make her CD's of meaningful songs. You can see a long collection of these playlists and individual songs with love letters and GREAT Relationship™ principles at The 52 Love Songs Project blog

Throughout the year I collect love songs specifically for our next anniversary. I especially prefer love songs that speak to commitment, dedication and behavioral love, not just romantic or feeling-based love. 

So if you're a romantic sap, like me, then enjoy these gems—some old, some new, some popular, some obscure. And if you like these, look for my prior years' playlists for many, many more. 


  1. That One Night — The Hunted
    From the TV show, The Office. If you know the show and the song you'll know why this is funny. It's a show we love and this is just for laughs. 
  2. If I Didn't Have You — Tim Minchin
    Another comedy piece making fun of the idea that there's ONLY that special one... Sure Kara and I each could've found someone else and maybe have made those relationships work in their own good ways. However, THIS is our relationship that we CHOSE and that we love and that we make it as good as it is. :-)
  3. I Can Change — John Legend, ft Snoop Dogg
  4. Little Wing — Sting
  5. Biggest Part of Me — Ambrosia
  6. Just Kissed My Baby — The Meters
  7. Unsaid — Anoushka Shankar & Norah Jones
    These sisters of different mothers, share the same father, Ravi Shankar
  8. Lisa Breaks Ralph's Heart — The Simpsons
    Inside joke from a show we both love.
  9. Emmylou — First Aid Kit
    I just so love this song. 
  10. All of Me — John Legend
  11. No One — Alicia Keys
  12. Fix You — Coldplay
  13. Die a Happy Man — Thomas Rhett
  14. Kiss Me — Sixpence None the Richer
  15. Like My Dog — Billy Currington
  16. Arms of a Woman — Amos Lee
  17. Happy Together — The Turtles
  18. The Idea of Growing Old — The Features
  19. I Get a Kick Out of You — Ella Fitzgerald
  20. Your Love Is King — Sade
  21. Come Away with Me — Norah Jones
    The whole point of an anniversary getaway is to say "come away with me." Besides a good time, it's a grand symbolic gesture. On a smaller, but equally important symbollic level, is dating each week... It says, "come away with me. Let's get away from the stuff of life and just do what we did in the beginning, that we look forward to doing also at the end: just enjoying being together."
  22. You Are the Sunshine of My Life — Stevie Wonder
  23. Baby, I Love Your Way — Peter Frampton
  24. Fallin' — Alicia Keys
  25. Wild Horses — Rolling Stones
  26. Lovely Day — Bill Withers
  27. Oh Sweet Lorraine — Fred Stobaugh
    One of THE sweetest stories is behind this simple song a grieving 96-year-old husband wrote for his dearly departed wife of 75 years. Truly a Marriage Master. This song has the weight and credibilty of a life-long love. Even though I'm the marriage expert, and even though my baby and I have 25 years, we are only a third of the way to knowing what this couple had and created together. They are the true marriage experts. Bow to the masters and learn from them. I did a blog post on this song here.... 
  28. Took Her Home — Fred Stobaugh
    A follow-up to Sweet Lorraine and the grief of parting and missing his dear love and looking forward to their reunion in the next life. 
  29. You Are the Best Thing — Ray LaMontagne
  30. Harvest Moon — Neil Young
  31. Follow You Follow Me — ???
  32. Little Trip to Heaven — Tom Waits
  33. Made-Up Love Song #43 — Guillemots
  34. Reasons to Love You — Meiko
  35. Always Want You — Lori McKenna
  36. The Afterlife Love Song — Dave Zobl
    Another funny love song. 
  37. Friend of Mine — Edie Brickell
  38. The Thermos Song — Steve Martin
    From the movie, The Jerk. Nothing says love like a well-chosen Thermos. 
  39. The Thermos Song (cover) — ???
  40. Try a Little Tenderness — Otis Redding
  41. Kissing My Love — Bill Withers


3. Our Anniversary Getaway

You don't have to go far in Utah to explore the exotic! Zions National Park, St. George, ATV tour, fine dining,...

Posted by Jonathan D. Sherman on Monday, February 13, 2017